Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A trip on the boat!

Sunday we got up at 3 am and headed up to Lake Francis to go fishing. It was nice and warm when we got up and were loading all the gear... we never thought to check the weather. Well we got about 50 miles out and it started sprinkling. We thought, "hey this will pass" and it will be a beautiful day to go fishing. Unfortunately, the rain got harder and then there was wind and lightning. So we got up there and tried to nap at the boat ramp, but Dane had woken up and was tired of his seat. We went to breakfast... and the weather got worse. So, we decided to head back to Great Falls. It was too cold, windy, and rainy to take the little man out.
Here is how Dane spent most of the morning!!!

So, Monday morning we got up early again. (We were supposed to get up at 3 again, but I accidentally pushed dismiss on my phone, so I woke up about 3:50 and said "crap!!!") Anyway, we were still on the road pretty early and it looked a lot nicer! Here is the sunrise!

It was still a little cold and windy, but with no rain we decided to see if we couldn't catch some fish. Here we are headed out! Dane has on so many layers, he can't really even move!!!
Our little future fisherman!
Well we had a great time, the weather cleared off and turned out to be a really nice day. Dane was good... He really enjoyed throwing things overboard, and watching us fish them out of the water. Unfortunately, that was about all we were catching... The fish weren't biting, no one was catching anything. But, it was a good day to get out and we had a wonderful time!

Here's my handsome hubby!!! Poor guy, I wasn't much help with the poles cause Dane was taking a lot of attention. I had a full time job just making sure he wasn't getting into trouble!

There is an island out there and the birds were nesting like crazy! It was incredible to see the numbers of birds. There were a ton of seagulls (yes, in Montana), geese, and here you can see the cormorants.
Dane loves pointing and babbling at the birds!

Here is a picture I had on my camera of Dane and Grandma! They were having a good time!

Well, that's about it for now. As I said before we are having company this weekend, so we are all very excited about that!

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Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

Great pictures! Dane is going to be a true fisherman by the time he is two!