Sunday, October 27, 2013

General Season Opens with a Bang!

Wow, that was a really clever title...  don't ya think???  :)

Yesterday, was opening day of general rifle season.  We got permission to hunt out on some property that is owned by a really nice couple who lets us hunt out there each year.  The weather was truly outstanding, a little chilly in the morning, but just perfect.  After a nice stalk shortly after first light, I was able to harvest a beautiful doe.
 Then we hiked around the property, played in the grass, leaves and water, and had a very enjoyable few hours.  

 Daddy's girl!
 Then it was Clint's turn so I hung out with Kimber, and Clint took Dane on a nice long crawl to see if they could get a doe.  
 Success!!!!  Another beautiful doe!  Nice work boys!

All in all it was a truly fantastic day!  Good family, good weather, and good hunting!  Who could as for more???  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Antelope hunting and a new pet!

Two weeks ago Clint took Kimber antelope hunting outside of Harlowton.  It is kind of a long story, but Dane and I didn't end up going down there.  Being the dedicated, passionate man that my hubby is...  he still harvested a beautiful doe!  Even with the added handicap of a crying 3 year old clinging to his back with her hands under his coat as he was belly crawling to get a shot!  But, luckily her discomfort was very short lived and they had a really nice time overall!  Not to mention they brought us home some delicious antelope!  

Here is Kimber with their "speed goat"!

Then we found this guy, and made him our new "pet".  Not really the cute cuddly type, but he is super interesting.  We named him Stanley so he wouldn't be intimidating!  (Yes, he did eat that goldfish you see below him!)  Want to read more about this guy?  Click here!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cake balls are delicious!!!!

I have the best helpers when I make cake balls!  Not only is it fun, but I have great company too!

First you have to make sure the cake batter is delicious!  

 Then you bake the cake, break it all up, and add more goodness to it!
I will post pictures of the finished product at a later date!