Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's day fun!

Mother's day we had a great time! Perry and mom had us over for a delicious ham dinner, and we also got some of my mom's yummy carrot cake... I ate too much but enjoyed every moment! Dane had a good time as well and even got to celebrate with a little piece of cake!
Here is Dane enjoying some time with his Grandma!

Before dinner Clint, Dane, Bones, and I all went up to Conrad to see about shooting some ground squirrels. You should have seen us all in the car! We were riding in style... nice and cozy! lol! We were going to go fishing on the boat, but when Clint was getting it ready he found that something was wrong with the engine. So, we decided not to go, cause we didn't feel like paddling all day! It was an incredible day to go out and shoot. Dane rode along in the Kelty and we took turns carrying him.
We were shooting the .17 which is a fun little gun. Light and easy to shoot!
While we were out we saw SO MANY critters. The birds are all finding mates and we have had such a wet spring that there is water all over. We got some incredible pictures, so hopefully you guys will enjoy them.
Here are some Canada geese and their newly hatched chicks.
This is a cinnamon teal, they are such a beautiful reddish color (hence the name!!!)
There were two muskrats right next to each other... Maybe they were hooking up too... hmmm muskrat love...
Anyway, you can only see one in this picture

This is a pin-tail. You can see this one's long tail that comes to a point.

This was an owl that was sitting alongside the road and flew right when we got there.
Some mallards and one Shoveler

A beautiful pheasant rooster. Their colors are so vibrant right now!

We were also going to try to head up to the Front that day as well, but some nasty weather moved in. It looked really ominous!

Obviously we had a really great time and enjoyed our day. Dane loved the Kelty cause he sits up a little higher and could see what was going on. Bones had a great time running around and as soon as he realized what we were out there chasing, he got really excited about spotting the ground squirrels.

Clint and I totally lucked out and we have tomorrow off together. I think we are just going to go for a run, maybe hike down by the river, and try to get some stuff done around the house. Clint has been working outside on the yard almost every day before work and is doing an incredible job. He is getting it thinned out and we can finally see out of our downstairs windows cause it isn't such a jungle. Dane is doing really well also. He is sleeping through the night now... Oh what a beautiful thing!!! WOO HOO!!! I didn't want to jinx it in the beginning, but I think we have a pretty good schedule going.

Anyway, take care everyone!!!!

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Lisa and Erik said...

What awesome nature pictures-love it!