Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ice Breaker 2014

We love this tradition! I started the day running the 5 miler with Jill.

 Then, Brock and Clint did the 3 mile run.

 Grandma is the greatest cheering section ever! I couldn't get the kids to cooperate for a picture with her, but next time I will bribe them, if necessary! :) Here is the whole group of runners! 
 The whole crew waiting to start the 1 mile run.
 Both kids did amazing; Dane took off and ran the whole thing (without stopping) with Brock, and we stuck with Kimber.
 Kimber was quite the little trooper. She picked a nice steady pace and ran most of the mile.  She did stop at one point to run to the edge, pick a dandelion, and smell it. Clint commented that we learn some of the best lessons from our little ones... today we were reminded that there is always time to stop and smell the flowers!
 Here are the little runners, sporting their medals and enjoying some hard earned water.

Spring Fishing at the Gates!

Monday was a beautiful day to be on the water!  Fun was had by all!

 We got to see some beavers!

 How would you like to hatch from the eggs in that goose's nest?  That's one heck of a drop to the water!

Driving the boat with Dad! Good times!

 and then...  Clint and the kids went and picked up our rabbits! 
 Bones is pretty excited about the rabbits as well!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Princess Dresses one day... Mud the next!

St. Thomas has a week long celebration (week of the young child) that involves dress up days!  Perfect opportunity to break out the beautiful princess dress that Grammy made, and wear it again!
 Spring in Montana... snow one day, sun the next.  Makes for some fun mud in our back yard! I think Kimber is actually going to be a plumber when she grows up! :)

 Clint has totally been jonesing for rabbits!  So, he built this beautiful rabbit cage. It conveniently holds one small child in each compartment...  AWESOME! 
 For his birthday, Clint got a fire pit, so here he is teaching the kids his wisdom regarding lighting a fire with only one match!