Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's a picture!!

My sister in law is a genius!!! Somehow Lisa was able to download this picture, but I couldn't get it to work... So, I took a copy off her blog! Thanks Lisa. I know it's a proof, but you can still see!
Here is my Dad running the Timberline Marathon! He's a stud!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekends go so fast!!!

This weekend was great, but crazy busy... as always. Friday night, Mom and Perry came over and brought us some delicious chicken for dinner. It was great to see them and spend the evening chatting and catching up. Dane was sure happy to see Grandma and Grandpa!

On Saturday we got up and while I cleaned the house, Clint cut up his sheep. Then we ground some up and made burger and a little sausage. After that we worked on organizing our house. (a constant battle!!!)
Saturday evening we had some company and it was wonderful. Mike, Aimee, Sharmin, Ashton, Isabelle, and Aiden came over for dinner and we had a great evening. Here is a picture of Aiden and Aimee. He is going to be a big boy, just like Dane!!!
Sunday was a gorgeous day. We helped Perry move a bunch of stuff into their house and then we came home so Clint could work on the shed. I helped him a little bit and just puttered around the yard, watering, etc. Here is Perry and Dane taking a needed break!!!
Dane's thrush seems to be getting better. It is still there a little bit, but he seems to be feeling MUCH better. Last night he only woke up once and it was just to eat, he didn't fuss at all! Of course it seems like he is fighting a cold as well, so he is really stuffed up this morning... Holy cow, that poor boy's immune system is getting quite the workout these days...
Here are a couple pictures of the shed Clint is building. He sure is a handy guy to have around!!!

My Dad is quite the runner and I just have to brag a little bit... He has been running races all summer and has been doing really well. There is a series called the Extera (I'm not sure if that's how it's spelled) It is made up of multiple races throughout the summer. Then they take the top people from each age group for the Nationals. The Nationals were over the weekend in Bend and my Dad had qualified so he went and raced. He came in #1 in his age group!!! So, now he is going to Hawaii in December for the World race. I think my brother will be running it with him, so that's pretty exciting!!! I tried to take some photos from one of his races to put on here, but they wouldn't let me...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poor Dane has thrush...

Well, our poor little man has thrush. Kind of a nasty little nuisance but not the end of the world. As you can see from the video he still is doing good, though he was feeling pretty miserable yesterday and last night. Today he seems to be doing better, so hopefully he is on the mend. The only bad part is that I am cutting out white flour, sugar and most dairy in the hopes that this helps him get better. For anyone who knows me, you will know that cutting out sugar is a pretty big deal... lol Really, it is probably a good thing cause I eat too many sweets, but it's still a little challenging.

I thought I would share the video of Dane playing that you see below... Not necessarily super exciting, but it shows his fun, happy personality! We just adore the little guy.

Oh yeah, and here are some pictures of Dane eating some honeydew. He really does not have any interest in solids, he definitely prefers mimi (thanks Courtney for the good word for mama's milk). The only exception to this is honeydew. He loves it! So, to keep him busy while we were eating dinner we put a piece on the tray of his high-chair. After chasing it around the tray for a while (it was really slick so he was having trouble picking it up) he finally figured out how to pick it up. He was so excited that he squeezed the living daylights out of it and sucked on it like crazy... It was funnier in "real life" but the pictures are fairly cute as well!

A short video of Dane playing!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clint did great!

Well, we had a wonderful time this weekend. We got up Saturday morning and after discussing our game plan for the day we realized that we were missing one thing that is absolutely vital... We had the gun and we had ammo. We had hunter orange, and plenty of diapers for Dane. What more could we need??? Oh yeah, a tag. We had forgotten Clint's ewe permit at home. So, Clint had to load up and head back to town to pick it up.
Needless to say, that slowed down our morning and we got a later start than we hoped. But, luck was on our side. On our way in we stopped and glassed to see if we could spot any sheep from below. Sure enough, after a little while Clint found some that were feeding in a small valley. There were a lot of juvenile males in the herd but there also were a couple ewes. There was one ewe in particular who stuck out as the largest and she was a beautiful chocolate color. This was the one that Clint wanted!
We were able to get fairly close and after an hour or so of sneaking up on them, Clint got a clear shot. His placement was excellent and one shot was all it took... we had a sheep on the ground and the work started!!!
It was really nice weather but a little warm, so we had to work quickly to get the skin off. We set up in the shade and Dane got to sit in the Kelty and watch. After a little while he got a little fussy and I had to pull him out and nurse him. He did really well, but he definitely adds a new challenge to hunting that we didn't have before. But, with some patience on everyone's part we made it through and had an awesome time!
We had to circle around in order to get on the sheep without them spotting or smelling us. The scenery was beautiful so I snapped a couple photos while we were hiking!

While we were sitting and watching the sheep, this little chipmunk was watching us. He kept chattering at us and running around the base of the tree.

As I mentioned before it was pretty warm so we didn't want to take too much time for pictures, and it was fairly steep so it was hard to get the camera set up to take one of all three of us. Here are a couple that we were able to get. I think the one of Clint and Dane is pretty cute.

While taking this one, I couldn't get Dane to look at me... He was way too intrigued by the sheep!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tomorrow is Friday!!!

We are very excited for this weekend. Clint got a permit for a Ewe Bighorn Sheep (lucky guy... I'm a little jealous) so we are headed up to the Rocky Mountain Front to see if we can't find one! We are going up to the cabin tomorrow night and then we will go up to the front super early on Saturday. This will be Dane's first big game hunt (excluding the in-utero experiences!). Hopefully we will have some pictures and a fun story to post on Sunday or Monday.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of Dane that we thought were pretty cute! I don't think I ever posted it but Dane weighed 20 pounds 3 ounces at his appointment last week. He was 26.5 inches long. Needless to say the Pediatrician was very positive and said it looks like he is eating good (ya think??? lol) even though we really aren't doing many solids. We are dabbling a little here and there, but I'm in no hurry and he doesn't seem like it either.
I did notice that he is just in his diaper a lot... it seems like I put him in a cute little outfit and then he has one of his huge blowout poops (sorry if that's TMI)

Before I got home from work today, Dane and Clint were doing a little bonding. Dane decided he wanted to try on his Dad's hat and Clint took a few pics.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a great day!

Despite a rough night, we woke up to a beautiful day. We meant to get up really early, but 6:30 seemed early enough after Dane woke up constantly last night... I think that he caught another cold, poor guy. Gotta love daycare.

Anyway, we got him bundled up and we all headed out to our favorite snipe hunting grounds. Dane got to ride in the backpack (imagine that) and we traded off. The weather was phenomenal... Just cool enough that the mosquitos weren't biting.
Here is a picture of Dane all dressed up and ready to go! Clint was getting ready to put him in the pack for me and I just had to snap a picture!

The scenery was outstanding... Look at that background!

Here are a couple of the Snipe that we were able to get!

After we came back Clint and Perry worked on the shed and I was able to get out and mow the lawn. Dane was pretty fussy once we got back... He really isn't feeling that great. Poor guy. Hopefully, he bounces back and feels better soon. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dane and Bones

This morning we were going to get up and go shoot some birds but it was raining. So, I got some stuff done around the house and Clint picked up some lumber he needed for the shed. After the rain stopped we went to work and got the floor built.
Dane enjoyed supervising our work from his favorite spot!

Anytime Dane is on the floor, you can bet that Bones isn't too far away. Recently, Dane is really interested in Bones and is always trying to wiggle closer to grab any part of Bones that he can. Luckily Bones is really easy-going and seems not to mind.

We try to keep this to a minimum, but once in a while Bones just has to sneak in a little kiss!

This is the seat that Dane enjoyed when he was really little. Well, it's supposed to be good until they are 40 lbs... As they get older it rocks and they can use it as a little chair... Well, thank goodness it has a "seat-belt" cause Dane would end up on his head if he wasn't buckled in!!!

Tomorrow I think we are going to attempt to get up and chase some birds... It is supposed to be nice weather. Then we are going to come back and work on the shed. Should be a good day and if we get some good pictures I'll share them! Take care and we hope everyone is having a great weekend! (Nana, Dane can't wait to see you either!!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here they are!

This is when we were starting to move. You can't really tell in this picture, but it rained on and off all day. Made the whole moving experience even more fun!!!

When I got home... Clint started the demolition part of his project.

and I sat in the grass and played with Dane... I just couldn't get enough of him after being gone!

A big thank you to my hubby!!!

I had the opportunity to go to Helena for a really great training. Clint is so supportive and encouraged me to go even though that meant leaving him and Dane for 2 nights. There was no part of me that was worried about Dane not getting the best care... Clint is an amazing dad... But, I felt bad cause Clint has never had to get up with him at night. It's pretty easy for me since I'm nursing, but it's a little more complicated for Clint. He had to heat up a bottle and then sit up and feed him. Needless to say, I think he was glad when I got home yesterday. Dane spent 2 of the days with Grandma, and I think they had a pretty good time as well! I however missed them so much and I sped home yesterday as soon as I was done with class.
Besides that, we are semi-moved into our new home. Most of our stuff is here and the essentials are unpacked, but there are a fair amount of boxes still hanging out. I will try to get those put away! Clint is working on building a storage shed in the back. He demolished the little metal shed and this weekend we are going to work on building a new one. Today is Dane's 6 month appointment, so it will be interesting to see how big our "little man" is now.
Well, I tried to put some pictures on but for some reason it's giving me an error message. I will try again later.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dane rolling over, and then back!!!

We sound silly!

When we video, we have decided that we sound kind of silly. So, feel free to laugh when you hear us...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dane eating some yummy avocado!

Busy, busy, busy!

As I mentioned yesterday, we have a lot going on right now.

First, as many of you know we bought a house. It is a cute little 3 bedroom, 1 bath and we will be moving this weekend. It has a nice fenced in back yard and hardwood floors. Here are a few pictures!

September 1st (Monday) was opening day of bird season. It started raining on Sunday and rained all day and night. We woke up Monday morning and there was no sign of it letting up. After staring at one another for a while and making a half-hearted attempt at packing, we looked at one another and said "Sacajawea traipsed many miles with a baby strapped to her back... We can surely figure out a way to go bird hunting today!" So, we found a rain jacket that was big enough to fit over Dane and the front pack... and off we went. It was raining the entire time, so we only took one picture, but we had fun, and Dane was a trooper. First, Clint had Dane and I got to shoot. I got two snipe and we traded. I took Dane and Clint got to shoot. He was able to get 4 and then we called it a day.
Here is a picture of Dane and his Dad getting ready to go hunting!!! Dane was bundled up and had a hat and little mittens... He actually slept the whole time, even when we traded he went right back to sleep.

Dane also got to eat his first "solids" a couple days ago. Since we are quasi-hippy these days we decided to go with the hippy baby food of choice, avocado. He loved it. I took a little video of his first try and besides the gag reflex (which he has already overcome) he did really well. He is so eager that we have to hold down his arms so he doesn't grab the spoon from us. The video is downloading on photobucket and once it gets done I'll put it on the blog.

Dane also wanted to send props to his cousin Porter! Looks like they both have the "roll over" down and if I get time I'll try to put on the video of Dane working his magic... Watch out world cause he is going to be moving soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're back!

We got our computer back yesterday! We are crazy busy, but I promise to post some pictures and updates tomorrow! We bought a house so we are moving, Dane is the crazy baby that he always is, and our jobs are keeping us hopping!!! Life is good!
Well, stop by tomorrow and I'll have some pictures!!!