Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fishin' the Missouri

This is just a quick post to share some of the fun pictures we have taken lately!  Here is Grandma getting a little Kimber love!  :)

Last weekend the boys hiked down on the Missouri Thursday afternoon/night while I was finishing up work.  They had such an incredible time that we went back down Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning.  Here are some pictures from the trips.

Dane with a bass and Clint with a Sauger

Kimber having fun in the mud

No mom, I wasn't eating dirt...  why do you ask?

This was the biggest walleye that we have caught down there.  Clint did a great job catching it!

A nice Pike

Clint's friend Noah with a very nice sauger.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Airshow and a picnic!

Last weekend was the airshow at the local Air National Guard.  It was really great, but our kids are a little young...  Dane was a intimidated by all the big helicopters, planes, and jets and it was really hot so we had to cut the day short.  But we still had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time.  Mom has this wagon that we loaded the kids into, and it worked great!  They got to ride together and a good part of the walk was through a mowed pasture, so it was nice that it had bigger tires. 

I think Kimber may have been more eager to get out and walk around.  Dane was more like "no, I'm good looking at everything from here".  He did walk through the fed ex plane...  I know, we were at a military airshow and the only plane he wanted to go in was the fed ex plane.  Figures!  But, they were giving away stickers!

 After walking around and looking at all the displays, the actual airshow started.  We have ear protection for both kids since we hunt with them, so that worked out really well.  It was cool to see some of the things those jets and planes can do.  We did have to leave before the Blue Angels flew, which was a bummer...  but there will be another chance sometime when the kids are a little older.
 Here's me and Dane while he is "hamming it up" for the camera!

 Today, when I got off work we went for a picnic down by the river.  Before dinner we had fun catching butterflies and ladybugs.  Okay, now I must admit Clint is a far superior butterfly catcher.  I gave it all I had but I just couldn't seem to catch those little buggers.  However Clint caught three.  It does hurt my pride a little to admit this, on our way there I was imagining frolicking in the grass waving my little net and catching butterflies all over...  Not so much. 
Dane was a ladybug catching fool and Kimber just had fun taking it all in.
 Dane showing off one of the butterflies.
 Kimber thought it was pretty cool too!
 Okay, so I have never been a squirrel feeder, but you have kids and everything changes.  Dane tormented this one for a little while chasing it around the tree before it finally went up.  Then I enticed it back down with little bits of bread.  The kids thought it was so great!
 Kimber also got to chase it around the tree!
 Then we went to the River and Dane and Clint caught some minnows.  What a great time!