Saturday, August 25, 2012

A trip on the new boat

Clint has wanted a new boat for a while...  years actually!  But, we wanted to wait until a good one came along that met our needs.  Clint did a ton of research and watched the ads religiously.  Then this boat came along and we met the people at the Gates of the Mountains to try it out.  When Clint took me on this "test drive", I realized what I had been missing.  Yes, our old boat was PERFECT for us for many years and served it's purpose.  But, one ride in this boat, and I was sold!  There was so much more room in it and it goes really fast.  :)

Well, once we got it we had to get it licensed and such, so that all took a little time.  Then we took it out on the River to make sure it was good to go before we headed all the way up to Dupuyer.  After that, we got to take it out on it's first fishing trip!

 We went up to Dupuyer again since the fishing was so awesome.  This time Kimber was feeling a little under the weather, but with some ibuprofen and Tylenol she was good to go!  

As you can see there is so much more open space on this boat.  We brought the kid's little seats and Kimber snuggled in to watch all of us fishing.
 My two fishermen!
 Dane is getting quite good at fishing.  On this trip he got to where he would bait his own hook, take the fish off the hook, etc.  He did get it tangled occasionally (or more than occasionally...), and that always took a little of Daddy's help to get undone.  
 Even Kimber got her own fishing pole for this trip and she enjoyed a little "fishing" as well.
 Only her fish was a little less exciting once she got it on board!

Because of the fact that our new boat is a lot faster, we got to go around the lake and explore a little.  Here are some sandhill cranes and geese.

 All in all it was a really great trip.  Last weekend we went up to the cabin for a work weekend.  Clint did a ton of painting, I did a ton of kid wrangling...  and painting when I could!  Then in the afternoons we went down to the lake, swam and caught crawdads.  Fun was had by all.  But, we forgot the camera battery, so you will have to use your imagination!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

HURL Elkhorn 23K and tourist fun!

My brother had signed up for the 50k but hurt his ankle really bad a couple weeks before coming. (I could still see the black and blue in his toes) But, because he is a Hauptmann, he thought "why don't I run the 23k with Tanya and Dad?"  Here he is at the trail-head before the run...  it was 38 degrees.  Did I mention that my brother is from Hawaii?  It has been a while since he has had to endure 38 degrees.  Much less in shorts!  But, we all agreed that the conditions were perfect for a run. 
 I should have given my camera to my brother for the run...  he is very good at running/taking pictures!  But, I  forgot.  So, we don't have any pictures from the 14 miles of fun!  The landscape was beautiful and the terrain was perfect for my first long trail race.  I did get a really nasty stitch (side-ache)after the second climb...  I tried to run through it but then it just got really, really bad.  Erik summed it up perfectly when he said that it feels like someone has knocked the air out of you.  But, with the patience of my brother and dad I was able to work through it and keep going.  Not that there is a lot of choice when you are still 5 miles out!  :)

Clint and Marsha drove over with the kiddos to be at the finish line waiting.  Here they are building a "campfire".  They had a wonderful time playing but were pretty much the dirtiest kids EVER when we left!  
 My brother was amazing through the whole run.  I know his ankle had to be bothering him, but he stayed right with us the whole time.  When we would go downhill he sometimes would slow down a little but then when we would start climbing again, there he was!  What a stud!  Dad also was super nice and stuck with me the whole run, so it was a father/son & daughter run.  How cool is that?  
I must admit that I thought we had a lot further to go...  then I saw Clint's truck parked along the road and I had to push a little.  Here I am crossing the finish line.  
 My two running heroes!
 Back in Great Falls we did some great stuff as well, including trying some new fun foods!  When I was a kid, if Dad was tasked with making dinner we always would have smoked oysters, chocolate milk, and french bread.  (But you have to rip the bread into chunks, you can't cut it!)  Erik and Dad picked us up all the goods one day, and I introduced my kids to the meal of champions!  YUM!
 The chocolate milk and french bread was a huge hit!  Erik taught them how to dunk.  Kimber liked the oysters more than Dane, but both kids tried them and thought they were okay.  
 The Interpretive Center is always a huge hit!!!  Here are the kids seeing how hard they can pull.
 The kids and I are making a boat out of sticks...  hmmm I'm thinking it wouldn't be the best boat to actually go out on, but we certainly got an "A" for effort!
 Grammy and Kimber coloring
 Then we visited the Buffalo Jump Museum.  Here are Dane and Uncle Erik seeing what they can uncover in the sand.
 Dad and Marsha at the overlook.

We had such a great time with all the visiting and acting like tourists! I can't wait for the next time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Erik's Here!!!!!!

Last Wednesday my brother Erik flew in from Hawaii...  oh my gosh it's good to see that guy!  He is so fun and I think he has now earned the name of "cool Uncle Erik" with the kids.  He claims he never grew up...  I just think he is really great with kids!

First Mom, Erik, the kids and I took a ride on the big boat to see the Gates of the Mountains.  I was hesitant to take Kimber (I wasn't sure how she would do sitting on a guided tour for 2 hours), but Erik talked me into it.  I should have given the kids more credit cause they both did great.  The boat ride was a lot of fun and I even learned a thing or two!

Then we went and checked out the stuff they had by the marina.  I tried to get the kids to stand by me for a picture but neither thought it was a good idea...  Oh well, I'll strike a pose anyway!
Mom and Erik enjoying the great weather!
That night Dad and Marsha got here as well.  Friday we went to Giant Springs and let the kids play a bunch. Another great day, however it was unseasonably cold down by the River.  (notice the jackets)  Not that I'm complaining.  It was a nice change from the 90+ degree days we have had lately.
Gramps wrestling around with the kiddos!
Checking out the fish at the hatchery.
My kids sure do trust that someone will catch them if they jump!

The fun weekend continued...  so I will do another post soon! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Last weekend we headed up to Bynum Reservoir to do some perch fishing.  It was actually the best perch fishing we have ever had.  

They were biting so well that Dane was able to cast, set the hook, and reel in his own fish! (if the fish aren't biting sometimes he looses interest and will keep reeling it in and recasting without ever catching anything.) Dane truly is just his Daddy...  that boy loves fishing!

 Here is Kimber giving a fish a little kiss!
 A boy and his Dad!
 This was one of the monster fish that Clint landed!  In all honestly, he was really catching the bigger fish; I seemed to be catching all the little ones!
 Kimber felt like she was pretty hot stuff driving the boat!
 A good catch!