Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you get with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a pop up tent trailer? Lots of fun of course!!!

Last Thursday we were trying to decide what to do over the weekend.  Clint loves fishing with live minnows at Tiber Reservoir so we were thinking we were going to head up there for the day on Saturday.  But as I sat there thinking I realized that this might be a fun opportunity to take out the pop up tent trailer for an overnight trip.  It wasn't supposed to be too windy and of course Clint was game, so we made the decision and left at noon on Friday.  We also lucked out and Brock decided to endure the craziness and go with us! 

Of course as soon as we pulled up and I had Dane dressed he was headed out to see what he could find.  Brock wasn't far behind!

Kimber and I stayed and got the trailer set up while the boys started setting up tip-ups.  The bite was on and immediately they started catching nice fish...  Surprisingly the first fish that they landed was a trout.  Tiber is interesting  because there is a wide variety of fish to catch, walleye, trout, pike, perch, burbot, lake whitefish, and I'm sure there are others. 
Here is Brock with the nice trout that he caught.

Daddy and Dane getting set up.
It was about 4:00 when we got there, so by the time we got set up and such it was dark.  We did catch some nice walleye but I didn't get any pictures.  After dinner I got the kids tucked in to watch a movie on the portable DVD player. 
Okay, in all honesty I was NEVER going to have a portable DVD player and it would NEVER go camping with us...  but there is something to be said for coming in from the ice, eating some dinner, and then letting the kids settle in and watch a movie while I get stuff put away and ready for bed.  Clint and I even snuck out and checked the tipups once before bed and landed a nice walleye while the kids were happily engaged in Ice Age.  (appropriate choice, I thought!)

For sleeping arrangements, Brock was great and let Dane sleep with him and Kimber slept with us.  Kimber is so different then Dane was at this age.  Dane didn't ever sleep with us because he would poke us, giggle, toss, turn, and pretty much keep both of us awake all night.  Kimber cuddled up between us and slept the whole night, only stirring a time or two.  Here she is with her cup, binky, and lovey getting ready to settle in.

The next day was a little windy, but we still had some fun.  Here was a nice walleye that Brock landed.  He was kind enough to let the little ones pose with him for the picture!  Dane didn't really want to take a picture, he really just wanted to poke the fish, drag it around, help gut it, etc. 
Kimber is getting better out there...  She sure does like her Daddy and here she is following him around to check minnows on the tip ups.

Playing with some tractors on the ice.

Dane hauling around our catch.

Clint and Brock posing with our catch.
Family photo with all the fish.  Brock is essentially family!
When we weren't at the tip-ups we went over to the other shore and looked around.  The bank is made up of the neatest rock with the coolest formations.  (I'm not sure what it is called, but it is cool.) In fact Clint and Brock found some cool clam and snail fossils.

On Saturday we didn't catch very many walleye, but the little "hammer handles" (tiny pike) were biting like crazy.  Here is a whooper that I landed!

Dane has SO MUCH fun out there.  Here is a picture of how dirty he was after the first day.  But, I'm not really even sure it does him justice.  He also loves to handle the fish and all of his clothes had a strong fish scent...  even after I washed them at home.  But, he doesn't care so I try to let him be and just have fun. 

We stayed out until about 7:30 Saturday night hoping the walleye bite would heat up, but it never did.  We headed out and got home about 10 pm.  It was a great time and we can't wait until the next trip.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful sunset and the unique landscape.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A night at the cabin!

Last weekend we made it up to the cabin for the night.  We debated and were on the fence about where to go ice fishing...  we actually had loaded up and were headed to Tiber Reservoir.  But, we were getting a late start and had to run a few errands before we could leave town.  So, after doing a couple things, we agreed to go back home, load up the few extra things that would get us through a night at the cabin, and off we went!

Even Shep got to come along and had a great time.  Here are the boys relaxing in their "homes away from home".
The first day it was snowing and pretty cold!  Not to mention we weren't catching many fish.  But, we still enjoyed the little pleasures...  like making snow angels!

Dane proudly carried around the one nice fish that Clint landed. 
The snow was made up of all these beautiful perfect snowflakes.  I just couldn't get enough of them!

Kimber with her Daddy...  Poor thing, I did make her wear the Minnie Mouse Balaclava that day since it was so cold.  Plus, I thought she just looked cute!
Then Dane had the great idea to make a fire.  There aren't a whole lot of trees right there, but we made due with what could find.  Here is Kimber helping find some sticks.
Clint working his magic with "fire sticks".  (that's what Dane calls matches)
Shep and Bones checking out the fish... 
The evening in the cabin was pretty fun too!  Kimber decided to play dress up with my boots and socks...
But, she felt like something was missing...
Then she added Dane's underwear and was quite pleased with the outfit that she had come up with.
Shep did great in the cabin with the kids and all of the hustle and bustle.  He is kind of like a bull in a china shop, but that is probably a combination of being a big puppy and not really ever being inside just to hang out.
Then on Saturday our friend Mike brought his two boys, Ashton and Aiden up to fish with us.  They must have been our good luck charms, cause the fishing heated up and we started catching some nice trout.

I never get tired of the views at the cabin!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We got out on the ice... finally!!!!

Friday Clint had the day off with us, and let me just say...  it was the perfect day!  There were a few hiccups, but that is what makes it so wonderful, my awesome hubby persevered and made it a great day for all of us!  We got up at o'dark thirty, hopped in the truck with the kiddos and headed up to Willow Creek to see if we could catch some fish.  We got there just when the sun was coming up and Clint headed out with the ice auger to drill some holes while I started the process of getting the kids dressed and ready.  I'm not exaggerating when I say process.  Dane's getting pretty good.  He gets that it's all part of the deal and if he wants to go, he's gotta play by mommy's rules!  So, he puts up with me putting 20 layers on him, toasty toes, a hat, gloves, etc.  Kimber...  not so much.  She is still at the age where she doesn't get it and she really feels like I am working hard to make her miserable.
Anyway, as I'm getting the kids ready, I keep looking out to make sure Clint is doing okay.  Well, he is fine but the auger isn't cooperating.  By the time I get both kids ready, he has 2 holes done, but it is obviously not going well...  So, he runs back to the truck and get some tools...  But, no luck.  
Here are the boys trying to figure out what is wrong... 

Perhaps Kimber can help...

 So, we head back to the truck and pile back in.  Dane was SO DISAPPOINTED but was a trooper and was patient while we tried to figure out how we could save the trip.
A truck had gone by earlier and with hopes that they were fellow ice fisherman, we headed out to see if we could find them.  Luckily we did, and Clint worked his magic!  They told us we could borrow their hand auger to drill some holes.  They had a gas one as well, but I don't blame them for not wanting to give that up.  The best part was that they told Clint if we didn't get it back to them right away, we could just drop it off at the buckhorn bar in town!  True Montana ice fisherman, after a day on the ice...  head to the bar!!!
After drilling our holes with the hand auger. (we both are still sore!) I took the auger back to the nice gentleman (not at the bar).  When I got back, Daddy and his two helpers were setting the tip ups.

The hand auger drilled these little bitty cute 4 inch holes.

 The fish were biting really good, but weren't too greedy and wouldn't take the whole bait.  They were just nibblers.  Fortunately, with the help of my special guy, we landed this nice trout!

 I really love Willow Creek cause if we aren't catching fish then we go for walks, or go sledding, or something fun like that.

Next weekend we have Friday and Saturday off together and hopefully the ice will hold up so we can make it out one more time!!!! :)