Saturday, August 29, 2009

Working on the driveway

Our neighbor works for the CAT dealer in town, so he rented a little CAT for us to work on our driveway. He needed to do some work as well, so we decided to split the cost for the weekend. Well, Clint spent most of Friday tearing out two bushes. These are BIG bushes that have really deep root systems. So, it was a lot of work for Clint. This is the bare area after Clint got the bushes out.

Once Bud showed up with the CAT, he made quick work of a couple of the other bushes we wanted removed.

In order to level out the area, they had to move a lot of dirt. Here is Clint working his magic.

This morning Dane got to ride in the CAT. He thought it was about the coolest thing in the world!!! There is something about a kid, their Dad and a CAT. I can remember my Dad working and letting me ride on the CAT with him!!! Great memories!!!

This afternoon we decided to head down to Giant Springs to enjoy the nice weather. Dane got to play in the water a little, and here he is carrying around a piece of seaweed he found. He thought it was quite the prize!!!

Anyway, tomorrow is probably more of the same, except Clint and Bud are going to be working at Bud's house. So, it has been a good weekend to get stuff done!!! Next weekend we will use the roller and get some gravel delivered. Then we will have a great gravel area to park our boat and trailer. With all the work that Clint has been doing in the garage, this will actually enable us to use the garage and pad for our vehicles and other projects!!! Woo hoo!!! I'm a lucky girl to have such an incredible, handy husband!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guess what!!! We went fishing!!!

Shocking, I know!!! We have been so fortunate this summer, lots of great fishing!
Yesterday, we went back to Holter along with a friend of ours and his son (Wyatt)! We were so lucky because the weather was PERFECT and the fishing was good. We caught a bunch of walleye, a couple perch, and 3 nice trout. Dane did great and Wyatt and his dad were so good to him. They were patient and obviously like children. They even entertained him for a while so I could relax! (Usually I'm on Dane duty most of the time and I tell you, he is a full time job out there!!!)
Here are Clint and Dane hanging out and enjoying some quality time!

Clint, Dane and I with a trout that I landed

Dane really enjoyed it when we would put a fish and some water in the bucket. After a while he finally figured out how to pick it up! Either that or the perch got tired and gave up. Great entertainment for all of us!
Wyatt was quite the fisherman! He hooked and landed more fish than any of us!!! and he caught the biggest fish of the bunch.
Here he is with a nice trout.

Like I said, we had a wonderful time. But, soon everyone wont have to be subjected to so many fishing pictures... Why? Cause it's hunting season!!! WOO HOO!!! Snipe, Hungarian, and Sharptail (among others, but those are the ones that we chase) opens September 1st and you can bet we will be out chasing birds the first weekend of the season!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's new???

Well, I thought I would give a quick update on what's new around here. Since getting back from our trip, my days off and Clint's days off have been opposite. So, Dane and I get up and try to head out as soon as possible to let Clint sleep. We go to the River with Bones, or to the park and play. We spend time over with Grandma and Grandpa, and we do our weekly shopping. We usually come home for lunch and a nap, (Dane's nap, not mine unfortunately!!!) then Clint gets up and we do some family stuff.
Next week the rotation starts to get better and then we will have at least a day or two off together to work on the house, or play!!! Clint has been busy working on the house on his days off. He got the two front windows replaced, and also the sill plate where it had rotted out. Thanks to Perry as well for his help!
Today when Clint got up we headed out to do some fishing on a little creek out of town. The weather was perfect and the fishing was good! Clint caught 2 brown trout and I caught 1... They are pretty big fish considering the size of the creek and they were a lot of fun to catch!
Here was one of the brown trout that Clint caught

Dane and his dad!!!

Dane checking out a fish

Me and my brown trout

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dane loves water!!!

Playing in the water is one of Dane's favorite things to do!!! Whether it is Page and Brian's fish tank, the bathtub, sink, or sprinkler, Dane loves it!!!
Here area few pictures of him playing in the sprinkler the other day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A wonderful visit!

Dane and I had such a wonderful time in Michigan!!! We had a great time hanging out with family, meeting Courtney's friends, fishing, etc.
I was really pleased at how well Dane did on the plane each time. He was quite the trooper and didn't fuss too much. I had a huge assortment of stuff to try to keep him busy, we had special snacks, stickers, his favorite book and flashcards, etc. At the airport he was such a ham, I was trying to let him burn off energy so I let him roam (of course I was right behind him making sure he didn't get into trouble) He loved all the people and would laugh and smile at everyone!
Here is Dane helping me pack our bags...

Here are my 3 beautiful nieces... Naomi, Olivia, and Chloe.

While we were there we got to visit so many of Courtney's great friends. One of her friends had a small farm with lots of animals... Dane loved them, and kept following "Lamby" around. He also loved the pigs and the horse, but found the chickens a little intimidating!!! (it was really funny)

Chris was kind enough to set up a fishing trip for us while I was there. We got to go out on Lake Superior and fish for lake trout. The gentleman who took us fishing was really good and we were lucky enough to catch a bunch of fish.
Lake Superior was HUGE and was just like the ocean. Here are Chris and Olivia on the way out.

Olivia and the lake trout she caught. Jim is holding it for her!one of my lake trout

Olivia had a great "hole" that she dug out in the yard. Dane also enjoyed playing in it!

The beach was beautiful as well. The weather on the day that we went was a little windy and chilly, but that didn't stop the kids from having a great time.

Dane and Naomi are enjoying some time in the sand! (and as usual, Dane is eating some...)

Aunt Courtney and Dane

Me and my sis!!!
Well, as always it's good to be home. Dane was really great, but he is sleeping better now that we are home, which makes my life easier. We also missed Clint like crazy, but it was wonderful to see my sister and her amazing family. Unfortunately, I brought a bit of a tummy bug home with me, but I think I'm getting over that, so life is good!!!