Sunday, August 2, 2015

A trip to visit Grammy, Gramps, Courtney, and little Marshall!

In June Tanya and the kids headed to Oregon for a quick trip to visit Grammy, Gramps, Aunt Courtney and baby Marshall!

The trip included great walks in the woods!

 Bike rides with Gramps
Cuddling with babies...

Climbing the tower...
and taunting your sister below! :)
and putting a new coat of paint on a bike! It was a quick trip, but everyone had a really great time!

Summer fun with Daddy!

Fishing on the Missouri below Maroney Dam is always a good time and you never know what you might find...  Like beautiful moths!
Little girls might even have the opportunity to reel in big fish! :)
Like this nice drum!

Boys will be boys and must practice with their toys! :) Clint has taught Dane to be quite the shot with his little bow. Broken arm and all! Here he is stalking the elusive gator in the backyard!

They bunnies remain a cute and fun addition! The kids are actually pretty good with the harvest/consumption of them as well!

Daddy showed the kids that you don't have to go far to have a great camping experience! A tent in the backyard is just as fun as trip out and about!
Especially when there are smores!
Summer would not be complete without some bowfishing! Dad was successful and landed some nice carp!