Friday, May 1, 2009


Monday we went out to the Missouri and did a little bass fishing. We had a really good time, and Clint was able to land 2 decent bass. We hiked down to a hole that we never had fished before and it looks really promising. It was nice when we started, but it was getting pretty chilly by the time we decided to go, so we will have to revisit that hole. When we were out there I told Clint that they were calling for 13-20 inches of snow. He didn't believe me for a second... But, it felt like something was coming.
Anyway, while we were out we saw this beautiful bald eagle and Clint got some great pictures.

Dane enjoyed the hiking part but didn't like the fishing too much. We were standing too still, and he couldn't see around me to see what was going on.

My hubby is such a handy guy. He doesn't need a stringer... He makes his own!

Clint with one of his nice bass

So, I wasn't full of it when I told Clint we were suppossed to get so much snow. This morning the paper said that we broke the 3 day record. We got 25 inches of snow! It just kept coming down! and it was super heavy wet snow so it was hard to shovel and broke one of our trees. (I actually didn't have to shovel... My awesome hubby did it all when I was at work)
Here it is after the first day of snow.
Here's our walkway during the storm

Nothing slows Bones down!!!

Dane also got a really cool crib from Nana and Grandpa. With the storm raging outside, Clint was forced to stay inside and put his skills to good use. Now Dane has an awesome new crib. I will put a picture on the blog this weekend! He is sleeping good and seems to like it! Thanks Nana and Grandpa!


Lisa and Erik said...

Woe, what a great post. Can't get over all the excitement going on your way-especially the snow! I have to post that on my blog.

Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

I can't believe it snowed that much!! It was 75 here today. We set a new record! What a weird world we live in :) Hope it warms up for you guys!