Monday, June 1, 2009

A visit with Grammy and Gramps

Dad and Marsha made the trip from Oregon to see us over the weekend. We had such a great time and Dad, Clint and I ran the Buffalo Jump 10k run. They were great running partners and we did it in 62 minutes. (It's 6.1 miles) I did a lot better than I did last year and finished really strong... and the boys were cool and stuck with me. As most of you know, Dad is a very dedicated runner and is quite talented.
Marsha was nice enough to watch Dane for us... they really cheered us on at the end! I'm glad that she was willing to hang out with him cause it would have been a tough run to push the jogger.

Here we are right before the race.

Dad and Marsha

Marsha was able to get this great shot of us right before the finish line.

Dane was EXHAUSTED after the race!
Dane is a TOTAL "Grandpa's boy" He loved my Dad and wanted to play with him, sit on his lap and just be with him all the time!

I was kind of bummed cause I didn't feel like I got very many pictures... but I always think I have so much time, and then the weekend is over. But, besides that we just had a great time visiting and hanging out. Dad and Clint got a new solid core door on our garage, so it was good that they got to do a "man project" and Marsha helped me with some baking projects. Fun was had by all!!!!


Lisa and Erik said...

Very cool, love the pictures of Grandpa and Dane. You guys look great.

Shannon Houston said...

Congrats on the 10k! Glad you had a great visit, time always passes way too quickly with family it seems. Love the pic of Dane in his carseat, so precious!

My Life by Abby Sutfin said...

I love the pix of Dane (of course) but the picture of him "kickin back" in his car seat is OUTSTANDING!!!! NIce JOB on the race, you guys are stallions!!! The pix that Marsha took is awesome!!!