Friday, May 8, 2009

Muffins with Mom!

Yesterday the daycare that Dane attends had a "muffins for mom" get together. Moms were encouraged to come and have muffins with their little ones. It was really nice and most of the moms were able to come.
Here is Dane when I first walked in. He was trying to pick the sprinkles off the top of his muffin!

He was really enjoying his muffin! In fact, they gave me one and I turned around for a moment. When I looked again, Dane had taken my muffin too!

The daycare also gave us some nice gifts. There is a little flower picture frame and a rose.

I had a really good time and I think it's pretty cool that they do this for all the moms. Dane is doing really well. He finally is walking all over. He can go for a while before he falls on his bumper! He is really enjoying his new "trick" and laughs when he is standing there by himself. He thinks he is so clever!!!

We were going to go up to the cabin, but I made a request to take the boat out to Holter and go fishing instead. After twisting Clint's arm (ha ha) we decided to go fishing and then head up to the cabin later in the week. Clint's schedule is really screwy right now, but it actually is working well for us!!! Woo hoo!!! Then we get to go over to Grandma and Grandpas for Sunday dinner! Should be a good time! Hope everyone else has a great weekend!



Lisa and Erik said...

How insanely cute is that. Happy Mother's Day!

Shannon Houston said...

What a neat idea, muffins with mom. Glad you and Dane could spend the day together. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and you all caught some fish. Congrats Dane on walking!! Watch out mom and dad.