Saturday, June 21, 2014

A few weekends of fun... and a little girl with a beautiful pink accessory!

Two weekends ago we went out on the Missouri outside of a tiny town called Loma. There were so many different kinds of fish for the catching!

There were sauger,

Oh yes, and a little ham!
there were nice big drum!
and smallmouth bass
and a decent sized northern pike!

Right before we left, Clint mentioned that we hadn't caught any sturgeon... the he hooked this big one!
For Montana, that is a huge sturgeon!
and she was full of roe, so we brought it home, cleaned it up,
put it in jars,
and enjoyed it!
Then last weekend we went up to the cabin. We did a lot of work, but also squeezed in a little play!
Unfortunetly, there was also a little mishap in there....  Kimber took a dive off of a slide and first got to wear a split.
which was followed by this super pink cast... She will wear it for the next 3 weeks, then they will cut it off, take more xrays and see how it is doing.
However, it didn't slow her down a bit! Here she is helping me make some treats that I was going to send for her b-day at school. However, they were an epic fail, so we had to fall back on a plan b! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Great visit with Grammy & Gramps!

Grammy and Gramps came for a few days and we had a wonderful visit. The visit included two fun spring programs and Dane's kindergarten graduation.
Kimber enjoyed the singing and fun!
 Here she is with one of her favorite friends, Viviane.
 and she had a great time posing for pictures.
With Grandma...

 With Grammy...

and with Gramps!

 Then was Dane's Program...  and here is his awesome principle.

 We also made it out to the Gates for some fishing fun!