Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another snowy weekend!

Our weekend started out with a nice Thanksgiving.  We lucked out and mom came over and spent the day with us.  Clint had to work, so we ate early before he had to head out.  Then we just had a nice relaxing day.
Mom and Kimber

Kimber playing

Dane showing her how it's done.

This weekend warmed up a little, so we were able to get out and enjoy the snow!  Here is Miss Kimber all dressed up and ready to go in a warm, cozy, and super cute outfit that Grandma got her.
Our little bundle! 
This morning Mom watched Kimber and we took Dane down to the River for some duck hunting.  It turned out to be a fun and successful trip, despite the cold.  Dane was a total trooper, we had a couple bumps along the way, but overall he did great.  Here are a few pictures from our day!
Dane munching on jerky getting ready to go duck hunting!

Looking for ducks!

He's ready!

Good shootin' Clint!

Dane's checking out one of the ducks.

Daddy's little duck hunter!!!

Bones doing another great retrieve!

What a great day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our first snow!

As I said on the last post...  things have gotten cold around here!  With our deer from last weekend, the freezer is finally looking good, so this was a good weekend to catch up around here. 
Yesterday, I was working around the house with Kimber on my back.  Dane found this sack (shown below) and put it on his back.  Then he came to me and said "I want to wear my baby" and hands me his puppy. It didn't last very long, but it was super cute! 

 Although it looks sunny and nice outside, I think the high yesterday was about 5 degrees. 

 Here is one picture I meant to put on the last post, but it was being temperamental!

A great weekend!!!

Last weekend we had such a wonderful time enjoying the Montana outdoors.  The weather was still pretty temperate so our goal was to get a couple more deer to top off the freezer before the really cold weather hits.  Boy are we glad that our weekend was so successful because now it's about 1 degree outside with the high being around -10 tomorrow.   Woo hoo!!!!  We will be ice fishing before we know it!

Here is Dane playing in the leaves
The next day we headed out to see if we couldn't find an antelope for my last permit.  Well, they have been very well educated and now hang out in the middle of the flattest, biggest field they can find.  So, after blowing 2 stalks I had chased them all off huntable land and decided to go look for some deer. 
After glassing some State land, Clint spotted a whitetail and made a great shot, harvesting a beautiful little buck.  The kids and I had stayed in the truck so he came back and got us.  Here we are headed out to help him pack his deer back to the truck!  One kiddo on my front...  one kiddo on my back!
Here is Dane and his Daddy with the beautiful whitetail that he harvested.
Then the next morning Grandma took Kimber for us, and we went out to Freezeout Lake because the snow geese were in town.  There was supposed to be 30,000 birds which is awesome because then it pushes them out of the protected area into the huntable area.  Well, we showed up and there definitely wasn't 30,000 birds, so they all hung out where we couldn't shoot them.  Dane had a good time helping with the decoys and then just playing!

When we got home, the boys laid down for a nap, and I decided to call one of the landowners that lets us hunt.  He said, "come on out" and so I woke up Clint and we got ready to go deer hunting.  Both kids got to come along, and once again we had a wonderful, successful evening.  I was able to harvest a doe and then the landowner allowed me to shoot a buck as well.  I don't have any pictures of the buck, but here is Dane with my doe!

Lastly, here are some pictures of the snow geese hanging out where they can't get hunted!  They are truly beautiful though!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kids, the cabin, and deer!

So, you look at the title and what more could we ask for???  Okay, sleep would have been kind of nice, but that just didn't seem to be in the cards for us over the weekend.  But, we still had a wonderful time! 
Friday we got up super early and headed to the cabin.  We made it there just as it was getting light and unloaded our gear.  Then we headed out to see if we couldn't find some mule deer does.  We are the epitome of meat hunters this year...  We are trying to get the freezer filled up, cause sometimes hunting with two kids really can be challenging.  But, the luck on our side this weekend and we were able to harvest some beautiful, big mule deer does. 
This is one of the little ponds that connects to Willow Creek Reservoir.
 Miss Kimber hanging out while we were taking care of one of the deer. 
 Dane and his daddy with one of the does.
 The whole family with Clint's deer.
 Clint is holding up a snake skin that we found.  That is one big snake...  I guess I didnt' really think of rattlers being in that area, so I'm hoping it was a big bull snake!!!  :)
Once again, can you see how awesome my hubby is.  Yes, he has Kimber in the sling, and Dane in the Kelty.  It was my turn to shoot so he was on kid duty!  Yes, I am a lucky gal!
As everyone can see it was super fun.  Friday was a great day, but it was pretty long and by the end we were all beat.  Unfortunately, Kimber wasn't super happy about the sleeping arrangements and woke us up about every hour, and it wasn't just to eat.  It was the crying, unhappy baby.  But, we made it through and even got to sleep in a little on Saturday.  Dane did get to "camp out".  I took his little tent and set it up in the cabin.  Then I added a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag and he had quite the set-up.  He thought he was pretty cool!!!
Now we are back to the normal weekly schedule with work and such.  Poor little Dane has an ear infection so he was sick today, but hopefully he is on the mend.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this doesn't become a recurring thing again. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank you Grammy!

Grammy made this super cute dress for Kimber!  She is such a talented seamstress!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching up

I try to update the blog at least once a week.  Well, I'm sorry it's been too long since my last post.  I will do my best to catch everyone up on what we have been up to.

Two weeks ago, Clint and Brock headed up to the Rocky Mountain Front for the youth hunt.  In Montana, they open rifle season a couple days early for kids.  They had a wonderful time and saw a fair amount of deer.  Brock didn't shoot anything, but it sounds like they really had fun together.  Here are a couple pictures from their trip!

 The following week (last Tuesday) Bill and Sheri arrived from Oregon to spend a week with us.  You will see in the following pictures that we had a really great time doing all kinds of things.
Sheri (Nana) and Dane made "jiggly fingers" one day.  Here they are proudly displaying their work!
Last Thursday Bill, Clint, and I all headed out to Cascade to see if we could fill some doe permits.  Luck was with us and we were all able to harvest.  Below is a picture of Clint and his Dad with one of the beautiful does.  Cascade is one of my favorite places...  it is so beautiful and unique.  Friday, Clint and I took Dane out there again.  We were on deer (with Dane) at first light, but they were the wrong gender.  So, we ended up hiking around but not harvesting anything.  Dane had an incredible time though so we considered it a total success.

 Nana and Kimber
 One evening after cutting meat, we headed to the park to play and feed the birds.

 Story time...  Dane was trying out Grandpa's glasses!
 Carving Pumpkins
 Story time...  Yes, Cabelas fishing magazine is known as the "fish book" and is a bedtime favorite around here!
 My Stepmom always (wisely) told me...  "never say never"  She was right...  I said my son would never be a hunter for Halloween.  Well, he rejected Superman and the Elephant costumes.  So, at the last minute we put him in some camo and headed out for some trick or treating.
 I bought some face paint to compliment the camo...  Dane rejected that as well.  (yes, it was a classic toddler evening)  But, Kimber and Nana decided to put a little on before we headed out! 
As you can see it was so much fun!  The kids had a great time, as did the adults!