Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dane's crib and a walk with Stylz!

The weather is super nice this weekend and we totally are taking advantage! Clint got off work at 4 am yesterday, so Dane and I wanted to stay out of the house so he could sleep. We had a great time and ended up spending hours at the park! Definitely one of the perks of having a toddler is that you can spend hours sitting in the grass at the park pointing at birds and picking dandelions and it's totally okay!! Anyway, after Clint went to work we went back down to Giant Springs park and went for a walk with Stylz and his family. It was a beautiful evening and Dane LOVED Stylz's wagon. He thought it was the coolest thing ever!!! The only downfall was that we did find one tick and that totally creeped me out. I turn into a girly-girl when we start finding ticks so that kind of sucks. Well, I guess it's time to get out the Off.
Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the boys enjoying their time out and about!

I finally got a couple pictures of Dane in his "new" crib! This is him taking a nap... He loves his crib and sleeps really well in it! Thanks again Nana and Grandpa. When I put him in it, everything is all straight and cute. But, he moves around a lot in his sleep, and whenever I go in to get him, it's all a mess! Oh well, if he's happy, I'm happy!


Lisa and Erik said...

Too cute. You are going to have to help out with the pronunciation of Dan's friend's name...

Shannon Houston said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time at the park, amazing how the little ones can just explore for hours. Dane's crib is nice! I hear ya about being all messy, they are crazy sleepers for sure.