Sunday, July 27, 2014

Snake skin and an amazing day on the water!

Clint is showing the kids how to skin a snake. This is a rattlesnake that the boys found one day fishing along the river.
 Next, you nail it down and salt it...  then you leave it to dry.
 Now Dane has a beautiful snakeskin to go on the wall!
 Yesterday, we headed out to one of my favorite fishing spots. Luckily we were fishing from the boat, cause there was a recent hatch of mayflies or something similar. You can see how many there are in the picture below.
 and the fishing was outstanding. Clint and I landed a double right off the bat, and Dane expertly netted them.
 Then our budding photographer, Kimber, took a picture for us!
Daddy helping Kimber reel one in.
 Daddy's girl!
 These fish are a ton of fun; they love to fight and here Dane is playing a really nice one!
 and he landed it!
 Another nice one that Kimber and Daddy landed.
 Then we took a little break for the kids to swim and play on the beach!

 The Scotts sent some dress up clothes for the kids and Kimber LOVES the shoes. She wears them all the time. So, yesterday I had to take a picture! Can you just see the Diva in this photo! (and he brother mocking her in the background!)
 We are in so much trouble! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

An evening trip to the Gates

There are a few wind turbines outside of Great Falls...  the one on the end... well, it's not feeling so perky these days! :)
I think it got hit by lightening during a storm.
 Right after starting to fish, Dane and Clint/Kimber caught these two beauties!
 I'm not sure whether this is an immature bald eagle or golden...  But, it was sitting right on the side of the River watching.
 and this one was sitting in the tree above. I didn't notice the second bird in the tree until I was looking back at the pictures. Can you find it?
Clint caught another nice fish! I wasn't having the luck that Dane and Clint were having... but it was still a great time!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoying the parade!
 You can never be too safe while enjoying the 4th at the Scott's! Ear protection, eye protection, and a helmet! :) Although, I have to say, she was working the cast at the parade...  I can't tell you how many people gave her extra candy after muttering something like "oh you poor thing".  If they only knew how little that cast slows her down! :)
 Nancy is the best! She totally got into the "snapper fights" with the kiddos! They love her!

Birthdays are so much fun! Happy 4th to "Sis"!

In case all you think we do is play... I had to show you Kimber scrubbing the kids seats, and you can see Dane cleaning the sliding glass door! So, we do have to do chores as well!!!
 Kimber's birthday was on the 22nd of June. We had a great day filled with bike rides, lunch with grandma, a movie (How to Train Your Dragon 2...  so good!), then dinner, popsicles, and presents! Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!!!
Bowling with a new set of pins/balls from Grammy and Gramps...
 Left handed bowling is fairly challenging. The pins were pretty safe; however, we were sitting behind the pins and had to watch out for the ball!
 Trying to figure out what this present is from Nana and Grandpa...
 It's a new fishing pole, with pink on it!!!!!!!!!
 Kimber got all kinds of fun presents, including the ones above, a cool hello kitty plane, my little pony, lambchop, and some other neat stuff, including this dress that she loves. Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughtfulness!
 Where did our baby girl go?????????????  Sweet, sassy, Kimber! Gotta love her!
 Then, we had to try out the new rod, so the next morning we headed down to Loma again. Found this nice, big bull snake! We really appreciate bull snakes so we let him go in the bushes after admiring him for a few minutes and showing the kids what makes him different from a rattlesnake.
 The fishing was great...  catching left something to be desired. But, Dane did catch this nice little bass.
 and we all had a good time! Although, I did wrap Kimber's arm and had to keep pretty close tabs on her to ensure that arm stayed out of the water... not the most relaxing trip for me, but still a lot of fun!