Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trip to Willow Creek with Noah and Kaylee

Last weekend we were able to sneak away for a great day of ice fishing, and since it was a three day weekend, we got some projects done around the house as well!  Win/Win!  For our ice fishing trip, we really lucked out with the weather.  It was the perfect temperature (not too warm, and not too cold) and the wind came for a little while and then went away...  Not to mention, we were joined by Noah and Kaylee!  

Kaylee started off by quickly winning Kimber over.  It didn't take long and Kimber was pulling her around in the sled!  Kaylee totally had a little sidekick for the whole day!
Of course my two favorite guys got to work getting the tip ups in...  and catching fish! :)
Then Kaylee and Noah quickly followed suit and caught a very nice trout.

Of course, Dane had to pack around fish...  and Kimber wanted to help!
As always, Kaylee did a great job pulling in the trout!  Here she is with one of the biggest fish of the day!
Kimber was insistent that she needed to tie Shep to the sled.  She thought he would do a great job pulling her around.  Needless to say, we didn't think that would be such a great idea!  But, she still loves following him around when he was out with us.  
He has actually gotten quite good with her; I think he might even like her!
The girls enjoyed sledding throughout the day to break it up a little!  Dane was definitely more interested in fishing, so he did very little sledding and stuck with Clint out on the ice most of the time.
It is a little hard to see, but the girls are totally in the air in the picture below!  Again, you can see why Kimber totally adores Kaylee!  Kaylee is SO GOOD to her!

I think that Noah had a good time out there!
So, there we were...  Clint was cleaning fish and I was visiting with him.  Dane took initiative and was in Noah's ice house jigging with the rod.  When all the sudden he started yelling for his Dad!  Sure enough, little man caught one of the biggest fish of the day on the rod.  Look at the bend in that rod and the smile on that face!  If there was ever a question before, I'm certain that there isn't one now...  that boy is a fisherman!
Woo hoo!  Quite the catch!
Kaylee is much better at looking at the camera and smiling.  My kids complain about the sun, can't tear their gaze away from the fish, etc.  
Quite the haul for a day of fishing!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last weekend was a "meat making" weekend!  We made landjaeger, summer sausage, venison ham, and of course burger.  The kids did a great time helping!  Dane is actually getting to such a great age.  He was able to help a fair amount which freed me up and I was able to do some clean up and other tasks while he helped Clint.  Kimber still has a little growing to do, but she is getting there too and will we will have two awesome helpers before we know it!

Then I was making something in the food processor and Kimber came into the kitchen like this... Safety is always a top priority around our house! :)
 Monday morning we started our day by hanging on the couch doing valentines...  Dane gave Kimber some stickers.  I promise that I had nothing to do with the placement of this sticker!
 Dane had all of his cards organized and was doing a very nice job!  He is our handsome little man for sure!