Saturday, May 16, 2015

We are so proud of Clint!

Yesterday, was the Great Falls Police Department annual Award Ceremony. I'm so proud of Clint and the amazing job that he does at work! He was presented with two Distinguished Service Awards for his outstanding work over the past year. Dane accompanied us to the ceremony and was super happy to be involved. (Although he was VERY shy and quiet throughout!)

Clint and Chief Bowen as Clint was receiving his first award. I am so proud of this man and all of the other amazing LEOs out there. Many deserving men and women were recognized, although I must admit, it is always very bittersweet to hear the details of how he gets the awards. Our LEOs do a difficult job and I can't thank those incredible men and women enough
Dane chillin' at the table.

Clint receiving his second award.