Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dane has 2 teeth!

I'm so excited! Dane has 2 of his bottom teeth poking through. They are just breaking the surface so I can't really take pictures of them yet... We did get pictures of him knawing on Clint's finger. He has been doing this for a while and we thought it was just his new thing!

I'm afraid him and I are going to start having "discussions" while nursing. They will go something like this, "Dane, do not bite mommy!"

This is what we do when I mowed the lawn on Monday! He hung out in his little mosquito free area while I mowed. He really enjoyed looking around and watching the world go by!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dane's new goodies!

We were in need of a better backpack for Dane for all of our outdoor adventures. We found a Kelty on e-bay and it came in the mail on Saturday so of course we had to try it out on Sunday! We went back to the Missouri and did some fishing. The backpack worked out really well. It was comfortable for us and him. I also had this mosquito netting and as you can see we draped it all around him so we didn't have to worry about the bugs and the sunshade did pretty well keeping him out of the sun! He enjoyed the view from my back or from the ground, and was telling us lots of stories as he hung out in the shade!

As always, Clint was the superior fisherman. He caught a wide variety of fish including the sauger and catfish shown below! I only caught one fish... a little sauger. The bass that were so numerous last time didn't seem to be biting. But, we both had an incredible time. Dane's friend Hannah, and her parent's Jeremy and Kristi sent Dane a really cool rainforest jumparoo! (It's just like Porter's!) He loves all the flashing lights and music, as you can see he is having a great time!

On our way out to go fishing we saw these mulies in a wheat field. Though they weren't total monsters, 3 of the 4 were very respectable critters, and they still have a little growing to do!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aunt Jeanne's visit!

We had such a great time with Aunt Jeanne while she was here. We did some fun things around Great Falls and then she took an overnight trip to Glacier with my Mom. Here are some pictures from her visit! Some of the views from their drive were truly breathtaking!
Here is my mom and Aunt Jeanne with Dane!

Here are a couple pictures of Dane learning to sit up! You can see my hand in one helping him, but the other one he is all on his own. He does slowly sink down though! Look at all of his extra "fluff"! He is our little "Michelin man"!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishing on the Missouri

Yesterday we decided to do a little fishing on the Missouri. Every time we have gone to this spot we haven't really caught all that much... A few Goldeneye maybe... (Goldeneye are considered trash fish) But, it's not too far from town and there are supposed to be some big Walleye swimming around!
So, Clint picked up some live minnows (which stayed overnight on our kitchen counter, in a jar) and off we went.
On our way out, we saw this young fox. He was right by the road and didn't seem too skittish. He better learn to be a little more careful, or someone is going to have a nice fur this winter!

The views are so pretty, especially first thing in the morning.

We actually only caught 1 walleye, but it wasn't very big. Clint did catch a sauger which is kind of a rare fish, and we also caught a bunch of bass. Some were little, but this one that Clint caught was decent sized! It was such a good time because we were actually catching fish! I don't have to catch anything to have a good time, but it's a nice bonus!
Dane was a real trooper. I forgot to bring the pack that Courtney brought us from Michigan, but luckily I had the Baby Bjorn in the car. Its a tight fit for him, but he "hung out" in it for several hours. This is how he spent a good portion of his time!
Here is the biggest fish that I caught. It is a freshwater drum and actually put up a decent fight. As you can see Dane was truly thrilled by the whole experience!!! (When he was awake I fixed his hat, but I didn't think it mattered while he was sleeping!)
On our way home we saw this antelope. He had pretty unique horns, so we had to take a picture! (I know, everyone is shocked that we would take a wildlife picture!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Helping mom in the kitchen!

Grandma and Grandpa got Dane a highchair! Even though he isn't eating anything yet, he can hang out when we are eating or cooking. He seems to like being at eye level.
Well, I thought that giving him a wooden spoon would be a "good" idea. Before I knew it he was waving it around like a mad-man and I was sure he was going to whack himself in the head! Well, we made it through without any injuries... I think the hardest part was actually cooking. I was very distracted by his cuteness!

His appointment the other day went well. We went to a new Ped. and liked her a lot. In case we didn't know it before, Dane is a big boy!!! He is 18 lbs 15 oz. The rest of his body finally caught up with his weight and now he is sitting in the 95th percentile in all areas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few pictures of Dane

The weekend flew by once again! I only had Saturday off, but now I have a couple weekdays off to make up for it. Today Dane and I are going to the Pediatrician. It was for his 4 month "well baby" check and his shots, but he seems to have come down with a cold. I don't know if they will give him his shots since he is already sick, but it gives me an opportunity to talk to the Dr. and see if there is anything I can do for his congestion... Poor little man, it's very hard for him to eat when he can't breathe through his nose! I'm guessing this was a "gift" from daycare. Unfortunately, I'm sure this isn't the first or the last cold he will bring home!
As always we are very curious what our little stud weighs, per the fish scale (yes an extremely accurate way to measure a baby!) we are guessing about 19 lbs. I'll put on an update on after the visit and let everyone know!
Depite his cold, Dane is still his good natured self. Here are some pictures where he is hamming it up for the camera!

We are so lucky because we have more family visiting. My mom's sister, Aunt Jeanne is here for about a week! It's so good to see her and I'm sure we will have a fun time!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A wonderful weekend!

Courtney finally made it safe and sound on Thursday night and we all had such an incredible weekend! Starting the first night when I picked up Courtney, we stayed up late chatting. The morning came early because everyone was so excited! We got everything together and headed up to the cabin to camp out for a night. The weather was hot in town, but just perfect at the cabin... not too hot and not too cold! Dane loaned Chloe his sunglasses because it was so bright!

Dane and Chloe played hard and had to take a little nap halfway through the afternoon.
Dad and Clint did some work while us ladies chatted and played with the kids.
There were some thunderstorms, but after the showers stopped, we all decided to take a walk!
Then we stayed up late eating smores around the campfire!
Dane was enamored with Chloe... He loved watching her and he was always smiling and giggling!

We came back to town on Saturday afternoon and then just hung out chatting and enjoying one-another's company.

I think everyone had a very good time... it was just hard to see everyone leave this morning. Now Clint and I are just hanging out, getting everything ready for the upcoming week!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daycare... :(

We successfully made it through our first week of daycare. I think it was more traumatic for me than it was for Dane. They actually loved him and said he could come every day, cause he is an easy, happy baby. Of course those are compliments any mom wants to hear!!! He will only be going 2 or 3 days a week between my schedule and my mom watching him, so that's really nice. Way better than all 5 days. It seems like a pretty good daycare and it comes highly recommended from several people... But it's still kind of hard. As you can see he was exhausted and slept for a long time. He was so busy watching the little people running around that he didn't nap well at daycare.

Well, my sis and Chloe were supposed to make it in last night at 1045 pm. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the plane's computer so they turned around and they got stuck in Minneapolis for 24 hours. Kind of a bummer, but we are super glad that everything is good and she is safe. My parents (Grammy and Gramps) did make it last night so we are going to hang out today. Then, I think we'll head up to the cabin tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone has a great 4th. Enjoy and be safe!