Friday, November 29, 2013

Great times with family and friends!

Last Monday, our good friend Noah took Clint and I out to an area where we had a couple mule deer doe permits.  Being the excellent guide that he is...  Clint and I each harvested a beautiful mule deer doe
Then for Thanksgiving, Mom spoiled us rotten and had us over for a delicious dinner!  She really went all out and true to form, I think we all overindulged a little!  :)  Here is Grandma's helper doing a quality control check!
The turkey was like something you would see on a cooking show!  Nice work mom!!!! (and it was very delicious as well!)
The boys did a fantastic job holding down the chair and engaging in "fuzzy sticks" (aka pipe cleaners) art.
Then about two weeks ago, Clint was gracious enough to watch the kids one cold morning so I could sneak out to the River property.  Well, look who just happened to be out there as well!!

That same day, the kids and I (Clint had to work... bummer...) went to St. Thomas for their annual Open House.  It's always a great time!  The kids got to decorate cookies, play with playdough, see Santa, and build a little project.

Friday, November 15, 2013

A few more awesome hunts!

The last couple weeks have been pretty eventful.  We were fortunate enough to have Bill and Sheri here for a nice visit... While they were here, Clint and Bill made it out and harvested a great buck for Bill.  Here are a few photos from their day!  

The deer were up on a butte and the boys had quite the crawl to get into a spot where they could shoot.  Bill made an excellent shot, and he had a nice 4x4 mule deer on the ground!

 Then Clint and Brock headed up to some of our favorite stomping grounds.  They had a great day hiking around, looking for deer.  
 They saw this nice raghorn bull.
 Then Brock worked his magic and shot a nice mule deer buck!  I think he was pretty excited!

 Nice work Brock!!!!  
 Two happy guys!

November is flying by and we are enjoying it!  We've got a few more hunts to enjoy so hopefully we will have a few more pictures to post soon!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coolest outfits on the block!

Grammy made the kids amazing outfits for Halloween!  Kimber was a beautiful princess and Dane was a knight!  They had a wonderful time trick-or-treating and received lots of compliments on their awesome outfits!  Thanks Grammy!

Here is Kimber with glowing glasses she borrowed from Nana.
I think Dane is saying something like "ah mom, not another picture!"
Then I told him that we weren't going until he cooperated.  So, he stood still and even tried to smile!  But, of course I couldn't get Kimber to stand still at the same time!  :)