Saturday, January 31, 2015

Clint's traps... you never know what you may find!

Clint set some traps out on the property. He wanted to catch a raccoon, was hoping not to get a skunk, and settled for a fairly interesting critter! :)
This little magpie was remarkably friendly and nice considering the circumstances. It only pecked Kimber a couple times to let her know that it didn't appreciate her rough petting!

 The kids love it when Daddy shares his knowledge of tracks and other fun stuff!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A little meat grinding fun!

These are a couple weeks old, but show the fun that can be had when you decide to grind a little burger! Fortunately, the kids love to be in on it!
Kimber is putting it through the grinder!
 And apparently it is lip smackin' good! :)
(Yes, her hair is beautiful!)
 Dane likes to show his muscles while he is helping fill the bags!
 In the past week or two we have had a ton of snow! Lots of fun to play in! :)