Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a bummer...

So, today was the 1/2 marathon that I have been training for. Clint and I were going to run it together and Dane was going to hang out with Grandma. I was super excited cause I felt totally ready this year and my dad has been helping me with my training so I thought my time might be better. Last night I started feeling a little crappy. At first I just felt really tired, but as the night went on the common symptoms of stomach flu hit me. Unfortunately, I wasn't in any shape to run this morning... so no 1/2 marathon for us... bummer.

Besides that it was a good week. Work was busy, but I don't mind it cause the days fly by that way! Dane had his 15 month well child visit yesterday. Dr. said he looks great. He isn't as high on the growth charts anymore, but he's healthy and active, so it's no cause for concern. He did get shots which is kind of hard, but after this he only gets one more and then he's done until kindergarten!!! Woo hoo!

Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow and then Dane and I are going out and about to do something fun! Clint is working, but then with the holiday next week we have a few days off together and I think the plan is to go camping or to the cabin or something! I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow or Monday.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


When we went fishing last weekend we had a great opportunity to observe the amazing scenery and wildlife that Montana has to offer! Here are the Rocky Mountains over a field of wildflowers!

Wild irises with the Rockies in the background.

While walking through a swampy area, Clint spotted this little guy hanging out.

Dane and I were walking along and found this water snake in the rocks!
Here is a momma whitetail bedded in a big field of wild irises... We were sure that she probably had a fawn nearby.


There are a bunch of antelope that hang out around the cabin. Here is a bachelor herd with a really nice buck (on the right)
Shore bird wading in the water

A whitetail buck in the cat-tails (with a red wing blackbird flying on the right)
For some reason foxes love to build their dens on the side of the road. We saw two separate dens with young foxes hanging out. Clint was able to take a couple great pictures. Aren't they incredible?!?

Little Wyatt Patrick!

Here are some pictures of our new incredible nephew, Wyatt Patrick Houston! Everyone is doing really well and Shannon had a great labor and delivery! Pretty sure she is my hero!
Here he is sleeping soundly

Shannon, Porter, and Wyatt

Sam and Wyatt

We are so glad that everything went so well and we can't wait to meet the little guy in person! Congrats guys!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sam, Shannon, and Porter have a new addition to their awesome family! A 7 lb 15 oz baby boy! Mom and baby are doing great! Once I have pictures I will share with everyone!
Congratulations Sam and Shannon!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A night at the cabin

On Saturday we got up and were going to go fishing on the Missouri. (to our favorite "hike-in" spot). So, we packed everything up and off we went to Scheels to get some minnows... but they were all out. So, we decided to go to a little creek called Mill Coulee Creek to fish for some brown trout. Well, we got there and the Creek was really high and all muddy... so we went to our property to fish in the river and a bunch of rafters and kayakers came by right when we started! We were feeling a little bummed... NONE of our plans were working out. So, we got home and decided at 2:30 pm, lets go to the cabin... so off we went!!!
We got up there and I'm so glad we went. Dane had an exceptional time as did we. As you can see, they played in a big fun dirt pile!

I hardly pack any toys cause Dane (as I'm sure all toddlers do) makes everything into a toy! Here he is with a piece of kindling... just hanging out with dad!

I just thought this was cute

Dane running around like a crazy man! They are so busy at this age...

Sunday morning we got up and headed out to Elk Creek to do some stream fishing. It was so cool cause Clint caught a brown trout and two rainbow trout and I caught a brook trout. It was very neat to see such a variety of fish in one stream. Here is Clint with his brown trout.

Here is a close up of the brook trout. They are the most beautiful fish. This was actually a decent sized one. We normally only catch the little ones that live in beaver ponds.

Me and Dane with our big catch!!!

The scenery was fantastic!

After fishing we had a little picnic by the river in the shade of a bridge. It was a pretty warm day and after eating we thought, Dane would like to dip his feet in the cool water...

Boy were we wrong! After one little dip, he told us in no uncertain terms that he did not think we were funny and did NOT want to dip his feet in the water!!!

We also we lucky enough to get some incredible wildlife pictures, but I don't have time to post those right now. I will try to do it in the next few days! Take care everyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I actually took this video a couple weeks ago and just found it again. It is so funny cause Dane likes to blow on our legs, tummy's etc and make this noise. (We do it to his tummy sometimes and I think that is where he learned it!) He also thinks he is giving kisses and he comes at you with a big open, drooling mouth! (That's what he is doing at the end of the video) It's so sloppy and gross, but you can't not let him cause it's SO CUTE!!! The other day he put one hand on each side of my head and gave me several big "kisses"! I felt so loved!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dane is 15 months old!

I was going to post yesterday but our computer was acting up a little bit. It could have something to do with the fact that Dane was randomly pushing all kinds of buttons as I was trying to type... so the computer kept getting all confused. But, I was pretty tired so I just put it away and went to bed!
Anyway, yesterday Dane turned 15 months old! Hard to believe how fast time slips away... and we are enjoying every minute of it!! He is so much fun and it's amazing how quick they pick things up. Dane is becoming so much more vocal. He tells us all kinds of good stories!
My mom and step dad are both working evening shifts right now, so that is an adjustment. I used to go over there one evening during the week, but right now they are getting used to the new shift. So, Dane is sad cause he hasn't been getting to see quite as much of his Grandma and Grandpa, but I'm sure once everyone gets settled we will get a new "visiting schedule" figured out!!!
Clint is also doing really well and is almost done with his training. I'm so proud of him and I know he is pretty excited to be done with training and back out on his own. The guys he works with are great, but he's ready.

I wanted to post some pictures of Dane and his rocking horse. He finally is old enough to get the whole rocking thing. This was a gift from Nana and Grandpa and it has buttons on it's ears that make it whinny and make hoof beat noises. Dane loves the noises and he also loves to pull out the mane... not sure what that's all about, but he sure likes it!

I also want to say how excited we are for Clint's brother and his wife. (Sam and Shannon) They are going to get a new addition to their family any day! I know that they can't wait to meet the little guy, and we can't wait to see pictures!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rain, Rain...

Well we are having some yucky weather this weekend, so we decided to stick close to home. It worked out okay cause we are kind of short handed at work and I had to work yesterday morning and then an overnight shift. So, today it's raining/snowing outside and I don't feel bad about my lack of motivation. Clint worked out in the yard and got a huge project done. The past owners had a plastic shed type building outside that was full of crap. Dane and I went shopping and while we were gone my super studly hubby emptied all the crap out and then cut it up with his saws-all. He took 2 big loads to the dump as well. Wow!
I will post some pictures or a video of Dane's funny antics later in the weekend. He is such a busy fun little guy. We hope everyone is having a good weekend! Take care!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A visit with Grammy and Gramps

Dad and Marsha made the trip from Oregon to see us over the weekend. We had such a great time and Dad, Clint and I ran the Buffalo Jump 10k run. They were great running partners and we did it in 62 minutes. (It's 6.1 miles) I did a lot better than I did last year and finished really strong... and the boys were cool and stuck with me. As most of you know, Dad is a very dedicated runner and is quite talented.
Marsha was nice enough to watch Dane for us... they really cheered us on at the end! I'm glad that she was willing to hang out with him cause it would have been a tough run to push the jogger.

Here we are right before the race.

Dad and Marsha

Marsha was able to get this great shot of us right before the finish line.

Dane was EXHAUSTED after the race!
Dane is a TOTAL "Grandpa's boy" He loved my Dad and wanted to play with him, sit on his lap and just be with him all the time!

I was kind of bummed cause I didn't feel like I got very many pictures... but I always think I have so much time, and then the weekend is over. But, besides that we just had a great time visiting and hanging out. Dad and Clint got a new solid core door on our garage, so it was good that they got to do a "man project" and Marsha helped me with some baking projects. Fun was had by all!!!!