Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Fun!

Clint (aka bunny whisperer) successfully bred the rabbits! We now have 15 babies that are pretty darn cute!

I'm really not sure whether or not Bones wants to eat them...  Definitely very curious!

We also took some time to make slime with friends! :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dane's Birthday Fun!

Since Dane got to do lunch and birthday shopping Kimber was my baking helper!
 Dane chose black bean brownies...  so we converted them into cupcakes and did this fun little fishing theme!
 Dane's friend, Zacheaus joined us and he immediately got to reel in this nice little brown trout!
 Fishin' buddies!
 Another nice brown trout!
 Then, Dane helped me reel in this nice rainbow!
 Time for a happy birthday cupcake break!
 Since they were gluten free, I even got to indulge! :)
 Then we got home to another very special surprise. Baby bunnies!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Just a few pictures of some fun!

Daddy decided to make some cookies. As you can see, Kimber was a good helper/taste tester! :) 

and they turned out delicious! (So I hear, they aren't gluten free so I had to take their word for it!)
Then we did some experiments with baking soda... elephant toothpaste! Even though we didn't have the right peroxide, it still turned out fun!

We also went for a drive...  the boys had to harvest a few rabbits!
Good shootin', and good eatin'!
We got to see some super cute calves!
Sharptail Grouse
and sheep! Kimber is just about to take off chasing these sheep...  Wow; look at that face, is there going to be some mischief there?!?!?!  ya think!?!?!  lol!
All three kids sledding down the hill! Big and little ones!