Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here is Dane pulling in a pike!  It actaully turned out to be the biggest pike of the day!  Nice work Dane!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Monster Perch at Lake Francis!

Monday we were joined by some friends for ice fishing on Lake Francis.  Noah is one of Clint's coworkers and the cute little guy is Kyle...  his son.  Not only did we have good company, but when we got out there the weather was fantastic and the fish were biting!  What a phenomenal combination.
Throughout the morning we caught a fair amount of nice perch and a few northern pike.  Here are some pictures from our day.

Kyle and Dane with a nice perch that Noah caught

Kyle was a pro...  pulling in perch all by himself!

Dane with a monster perch.  I think this was the biggest perch I have ever seen.

Noah and Kyle

Dane, Daddy, and the Northern Pike that Dane caught all by himself!

Noah, Clint, and our catch

Clint, Kimber, and I
By about noon the wind was blowing really hard, so we decided to get off the ice.  It was super fun though and we look forward to doing it again! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

A trend...

For those of you who follow our blog, have you ever noticed a trend?
Spring - Hiking along the River and fishing on the Missouri
Summer - Fishing out of the boat
Fall - Bird Hunting/Big Game Hunting
Winter - Ice Fishing

I realize sometimes that I fall into a blogging rut.  But, I'm not really sure how to change that.  I try to sprinkle in some photos of kids doing other things, or nature...  but this is our life, and how we spend our free time.  Although I really like my job, I don't think that pictures of my office would be very stimulating, and although pictures of Clint's work may be interesting...  they frown on that.  So, with that said...  this weekend we went to the cabin.  Now I'm going to share pictures and I hope that is okay with you!
Oh wait...  one more thing.  I'm sorry about the typos.  Before kids I spent a lot of time making sure my posts were perfect.  I wanted the wording right, and no typos.  Well, now it's a matter of getting it done when I have time, so please excuse the mistakes! 

Kimber and I getting ready to go for a ride!
 I didn't go all the way to the top, because the weather had warmed up and created a layer of ice on top of the snow.  I anticipated I may go pretty fast...

In case you can't see my face...  I should have a thinking bubble that says "oh shit".  Cause we were going pretty fast!

Safely at the bottom!
 We will never get over the scenery and we must be instilling our appreciation in our little ones.  One day I was driving with Dane and there was a pretty sunset with lots of colors.  I was distracted and not necessarily appreciating it until he says "mama, that's beautiful" and I realize that yes...  it is beautiful!
Here is a picture that Clint took.  I thought it was pretty incredible!
Haystack Butte

Rocky Mountain Front
 Now, you can't see him...  but, Clint is just off to the left, cracking his bullwhip.  :)  Dad always said a tired kid is a good kid! :)  Notice the rocks in front of the sled.  We figured that would slow him down! 
Okay, I'm just kidding.  Until Clint told Dane to pull it with the rope, this is how he thought he should get the sled around!

 When we weren't on the ice, we were at the cabin, or taking a drive to look at wildlife.  Here is Kimber.

A Bighorn Ram

White-Tail Deer
We ended up spending Saturday and Sunday night up there and coming back this morning.  It warmed up a bunch and then rained all last night so we headed back and got some things done around here.  Now both of my guys are looking pretty slick with nice haircuts! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little ice fishing, a little duck hunting, a lot of fun!

Clint is now on overnights which is very bittersweet.  He gets to see us all more; in the morning when he gets off work and then in the evening he is home for dinner and the kids bedtime.  I really like those parts, but he doesn't sleep as well, so that is hard on him.  Then on the weekends we get all crazy and do what we did on Friday.  Clint got home and we decided to head straight out to Willow Creek for some ice fishing.  It was supposed to snow and rain on Saturday and then get subzero temperatures again.  So, we decided to get out there before it got too nasty. 
We had a great time, Dane pulled in his very first fish.  He has helped us before, but his fine motor skills were still developing, so it was hard to grasp the line and pull the fish in without dropping the line a hundred times or getting wrapped up in it.  When this would happen he would get frustrated and tell us to do it.  Well, this was about a 12" trout and he did it all by himself!  I didn't get it on video, but I will try to the next time we get out.  He was so stinkin' proud. 
He was almost as excited about pulling Sis in the sled, and I did get some pictures of that.

Daddy and his Princess

A nice trout on a sunny day!

Then on Saturday we snuck down to the Missouri for a little duck hunting.  We had both kids, so the kids and I were Clint's cheering squad.  It ended up getting really windy and cold, so Dane didn't last too long before saying that he was done and wanted to go home.  Clint did shoot a couple ducks while we were there...  Here is Dane with one of them!

A golden eagle that flew over checking out the decoys

Lastly...  here is a picture of Little Kimber.  She is getting SO big and fun.  I think she will be mobile sooner rather than later...  not necessarily good news for us.  :)  Cause I think we will have our hands full once she can get where she wants to go!
Wearing Papa's hat!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A nice long weekend!

Despite not getting to go ice fishing at the cabin...  we had a fantastic weekend!  I took last Thursday off so that we could spend an extra day out at the cabin, but the weather was really cold and snowy...  I mean subzero temps, about 8 inches of snow in about 24 hours (for us that's a lot) and wind...  too much for us to take 2 little ones out on the ice.  As you have probably noticed, we don't have an ice house, so we are kind of at the mercy of the elements.  The cabin is only a place that we go when we can get out and recreate.  16 x 20 feet is not enough room to stay sane when you are trapped inside with the kids all day...  so we decided to stay home and make sausage.  Woo hoo!  Not necessarily the most fun alternative, but we always enjoy the end product.
I had told Dane he didn't have to go to "school" on Thursday (and Friday) so even though we were processing meat, he stayed home with us.  So with Kimber on our backs and Dane on the chair next to us we got started!
I wear gloves when processing...  mostly because that makes it is easier to go from meat duty to baby duty.  The burger really sticks to your hands and with gloves I just have to wash, not scrub and scrub.
Well, Dane thought he needed gloves too!
Here is Dane helping grind.  We ended up  making about 100 lbs of burger and sausage!
 We did the grinding on Thursday and then we stuffed on Friday.  Here is Dane...  once again a great helper!
Stuffing the summer sausage

 Then on Saturday we went shopping, made our thank you's for Christmas, baked bread, and hung out!  I got a new vacuum for Christmas and one of the parts was broken.  So, we took it back and got a good one.  Holy crap!  I know I'm a weird girl, but I'm so excited about my new vacuum!  It rocks! 
Dane showing his artistic side!
 Of course we played in the snow!

 Dane holding his sis!

 Today Dane wanted to bake, so we made some muffins.  Here he is filling the muffin tin.
Kimber is doing well.  She is a good baby, but doesn't sleep like Dane did.  Up until a few nights ago she was waking up numerous times a night, with teething, a cold, and growing she just wanted to nurse a lot.  Between work, trying to run, keeping up the house, etc, I had reached that point where I was just exhausted.  When I'm that tired I cry too much.  I'm not mean, I'm not really witchy...  I just cry.  My Dad had a saying when I was a kid...  he said "just go to sleep and everything will look better in the morning."  So true.  Anyway, this weekend, I got sleep.  Lots of it.  Like 10 hours two nights in a row!  Kimber settled down and is only waking up once or twice!  Woo hoo!  I feel like a new women!  It's amazing what a little sleep will do! 
Now we are back at it for another good week!