Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kimber turned 3!!!

Kimber's birthday was last Saturday and we had a great time!  She got the cutest little "hello kitty" bracelet from Nana and Grandpa and a really fun kitty book from Aunt Jeannette!  She went to lunch with Grandma and then got to go shopping for her own present! 

 She loves to "help" clean...  (Must take after her Grammy, cause she doesn't get it from me!!!!) so we got her a little broom/etc!  Clint said this could almost be a post of it's own! 
 Then we got birthday treats!  Of course she chose squash brownie and a Popsicle...  It was delicious! :)

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Oregon Trip

Just over a week ago, the kids and I made the trip to Oregon to visit Grammy and Gramps.  
The night before we left, Kimber finally got brave and got on the 4-wheeler with Daddy!

On the way there we got to see these moose yearlings.  
Then we immediately got down to the fun stuff and Gramps and Dane had to do some sword fighting.  
Kimber smelled some beautiful flowers that Grammy picked for her.  
and then they got some good snuggle time.
The hummingbirds were amazing.  I could watch them all day.

and we even made it fishing.  The first day we caught one little fish, but then we got rained out.  
So, the next morning we returned and Dane caught this lunker!
Dane got the training wheels taken off his bike.  What a big boy!  Great big thank you to Gramps for chasing him around and around holding on to the back of the bike to make sure he didn't fall!
Dane and Gramps also got to do some man work!  Look at them ready to go!

Marsha was kind enough to watch the kids so Dad and I could go for a few runs.  Here was a beautiful one that we took up Falls Creek!
An old mine is the turnaround point.

Then I was out finding bugs and such with Dane and I heard the tractor.  Low and behold, little Kimber is helping Gramps!
Then we even took turns on the CAT.

It was a really great trip that we all enjoyed thoroughly.  I wish Clint could have been along, but maybe next time!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dane's preschool graduation

Well, our sweet little man reached the first of many milestones a little over a week ago.  He graduated from preschool!  It was  fun little ceremony; they sang songs and it was pretty stinkin' cute!  
Here he is walking out next to his friend Quincy.
 Singing along!
 Receiving his hard earned diploma!  
 It was pretty neat because Clint, Marsha, Dad, Grandma, and I all got to go.  Dane was a proud little man!
 and here he is with one of the greatest people I know!  His awesome teacher, Heather.
 Me and the kiddos!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lots of rain = break from the yard

The last couple weeks have been unseasonably wet...  and that means our front yard is a big mud pit.  Not really conducive to continuing the project...  although Clint gets an "A" for effort on continuing to try!

Anyway, since we had a couple days that we couldn't work in the yard, we decided to do some fishing!  

We took a hike down to the River; enjoyed the hike, but didn't catch many fish.  We think that maybe the pending storm turned off the bite.  But, Clint and the kids still caught a couple goldeneyes.  

This was kind of a cool picture, the fish started to wiggle just as I snapped the photo!  

 Totally my least favorite part of the spring... :( 
 Then one day Clint talked me into risking life and limb to cross the Missouri and fish the "promised land".  Well, the fish weren't biting really great, but when we did hook up they were nice big pike!  I'm not sure it was worth the white knuckle trip across the weather though... :)
 Is it a good sign when he is putting duct tape on the "trusty boat" before the crossing?
 Here is a picture of the one man kayak that we used to get across the river.  Notice how I said it was a one man kayak. Yet, there was two of us... :)  Hmmmmmm....  that should have given me a clue!
 Actually, it went okay.  I'm not sure I will do it again anytime soon, but we lived just fine and now we have a funny story to tell!  We even made it out before the big rain showers hit!