Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Day On the Ice!

Sunday we went up to one of our favorite ice fishing spots for a fun day on the ice.  Kimber hung out with my mom, so it was just me and the boys.  It was our first day ice fishing this year and I don't think it could have gone better...  we had so much fun!  Here are some pictures from the day!

Setting the tip-ups

It was cold and we forgot to bring a blanket or something for Bones to sit on so that he could get off the ice/snow.  Here he is making the best of the situation!

Are you going to eat that?

Sledding was so much fun!

The moon right over the mountains

This was a really nice trout that I was able to land.

Dane and I with a nice Rainbow Trout

Clint and Dane with another nice trout

What a sweet pup!
As you can see we had a really great time and can't wait to get out there again.  The plan was to head out again on Thursday and take both kids...  but we have a winter storm warning Wednesday and Thursday...  they are calling for 6 inches to a foot of snow, winds gusting to 40 mph, and temps in the -10s to -20s.  Needless to say, that isn't exactly great weather to go sit on the ice...  so we will see what happens! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We hope that everyone's Christmas was as fantastic as ours!  We were entirely too spoiled as were the kiddos!  This was Dane's first year understanding the whole "Santa" concept.  Of course we left the snack and milk by the fireplace and Dane was super excited to find that Santa had eaten it.  Clint also put a little snow by the fireplace before Dane got up, and Dane kept saying "that's not nice" that Santa left snow in our house!!! :)  After finding our stockings...  Dane and I jumped in the car and went and woke my mom (Grandma) up at 6:30 to come join in the fun.  She was a super good sport and came back with us to enjoy the morning.

Here are some pictures of the kids!

Dane got this little toolbox from Grandma and it was a total hit!  In fact we had to put it away so that he would open the rest of his presents!  He sure did get some neat stuff...  A tool bench, books, clothes, bath toys, and some Lincoln logs.  What a haul! 
 Grandpa Karl sent Dane a really neat gift.  He sent him a side by side toy shotgun. (a gentleman's gun) This has also become one of the favorites and since playing with it is a supervised activity...  he is constantly asking to play with his gun.   
 Kimber got these cool blocks from Sam and Shannon!  She loves them!
Thank you everyone for all the great gifts.  We missed those of you that we didn't get to spend the day with, but look forward to seeing you again, hopefully in the near future! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brock's First Duck!!!!

 Last weekend we went duck hunting down on the River.  It was me, Clint, Brock, Dane, and Bones.  There weren't quite as many ducks as there have been, but there was just enough! 
Brock did great and was able to get his very first duck.  Clint had the decoys set up just perfect to get the ducks in close.  Sure enough Brock was shooting well and was able to shoot a beautiful goldeneye!

Here are some pictures of the happy hunter!
Waiting for them to come in.

A proud hunter and his ducks
 Dane adores Brock.  Brock is so patient with Dane and does so great with him.  Here they are hamming it up!
 We are so fortunate.  Bones is the perfect pup for us.  Not only is he great with the family in the house, but he is quite the hunter.  Here he is waiting for the ducks.  You can't really see it but the water was frozen into a thick sheet on his vest and his whiskers around his eyes had ice hanging off of them.  What a stud! 

Brock and Dane

Clint and Brock

 I even got to shoot this time and add a couple ducks!
Dane and I
 Then we went to the Christmas party that Clint's work puts on each year.  They are so generous and get gifts for all the kids.  Here is Dane receiving his present.

Lastly...   Dane and Kimber.  You could never tell they are related! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kimber's sweet giggle!

Good shooting Clint!

Mom's Birthday, playing in the snow, baking, and duckhunting = A great weekend!

Despite the snow and cold weather we got out and had a lot of fun this weekend.  Saturday was Mom's birthday so we all treated ourselves to Chinese.  Clint had to go to work, but then Mom came over and we put up our Christmas tree.  Dane had his very own ornaments to put up.  He really enjoyed it!

We have a lot more snow than usual.  Most of the time if we get some snow, a chinook wind will come through shortly after and melt it all.  This year has been different and the snow just keeps coming!  We love it!  Dane and I made a snowman the other day while Clint was snowblowing for the neighbor.  It was the first one I have made in years...  I forgot how much fun it is! 

 My work decided to have a bake sale, which was such a great excuse to bake some goodies.  Here is Dane enjoying a beater after I was done with it!  I really am enjoying how he wants to help me in the kitchen.  Sometimes it's a pain, but he has to much fun...  it's worth it!

Dane being silly!

Dane pushing Kimber, she loved it and was laughing!

Today is Clint's first day off, so after we dropped off the treats to my work, the kids and I came home and woke him up.  The plan was to go down on the River and hunt some ducks.  It was a balmy 15 degrees...  So we all got bundled up and off we went.  It was a nice sunny day with no wind though, so it seemed warmer. 
I couldn't shoot today cause we had Kimber along.  Clint wears waders so if we happen to wing a duck and need to go out in the water and get another shot then he can.  He can't wear Kimber and go out in the water, so I was on baby duty.  But, I still had an incredible time.  I kept out the camera and had a lot of fun taking pictures!

Here I am with the Princess

My guys!

Waiting and Watching

Dane and one of the ducks

 A Goldeneye drake flaring at the last moment

If you look close, you can see the duck call that Dane has in his mouth...  He is calling them in!

A Goldeneye hen leaving safely.

A great day!