Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Annual Icebreaker

Dane had a little mishap at school on Friday, so he has been a little laid up. (Broken left arm... both bones were fractured in a fall at school.) Poor guy, is quite the trooper, though and still wanted to do our traditional Icebreaker run!
The kids hung out with grandma while we did the 5 mile run; Clint, Brock, and I had a great time. Then we went and got the kids for the one mile run! As you can see, Orbit made an appearance.
 The rule was that Dane had to walk since he doesn't have his hard cast yet, but Kimber was chomping at the bit!
 Hanging out with the mascots!
 Dane had a good time too!

 A photo op that was too good to miss! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More from Hawaii!

Dane is always on the hunt for something! :) He was thrilled when he caught this... "Mom, they even have grasshoppers in Hawaii!"
 Kimber had the best seat in the house on the hike! Dane only became envious towards the end! :) They were both troopers!
 My brother, Erik!
 Erica, Kimber, and a friend!
 Baby Osprey

 Awesome tide pools out at the end of the point! I meant to keep them dry for the hike back, but kids and water.....  there is no way to keep them out of it!
 Monk Seals sunning themselves

 After the hike, the kids swam in this perfect lagoon. Dane is perpetually on the hunt for something! lol!
 Kimber and her friend...  We were super impressed; Kimber was a brave little swimmer the whole time and took to the ocean like a pro!
 The wily hunter... still stalking his unsuspecting prey! 

 On our way to the showers to get the sand and salt off!
We took a day off from the beach and went to a really great museum. The lady is pouring the lava!
Lots of beauty!


Dane driving the underwater camera
Playing the dive game.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hawaii! So much fun with family!

Clint had to work, but the kids and I are in Hawaii with Grandma to visit my brother and his wonderful family! Here are the kiddos running off some energy before jumping on the plane for a long day. The kids were actually awesome on the flight and although it was a long day we got there and got settled in!
 The next morning we got up and headed to the beach for a fun filled day of sand, sun and water! Grandma is thrilled to be a part of it.
 How many people can fit into a two man kayak???  At least four! 

 Water kiddos!

 Erik and his family recently bought a hobie and it was total hit! We all got a chance to go out, and really enjoyed the experience. Erik's kids are great little sailors! 
 Then we headed to the zoo the next day. The kids have never been to a zoo so it was quite the hit! 
 Dane said his favorite was the turtles! I did give him the camera and he took loads of cool photos of animals...  including this one of the turtles.
 We were having fun...  despite the unhappy look on Dane's face. I think it's more the fact that I made them stand still for a picture than anything else!
 Erik, Grandma, and I
 Another cool critter that Dane photographed.
 The gentleman came to tell us about the elephants. Kimber was so inquisitive and kept interrupting. We finally asked her to be quiet and let him finish! :) Then when it was time for questions, he came over to her and said, I know that you have questions for me... and then she asked where the giraffes were! lol!
 This peacock thought that Dane had something and came right up to the kids. Then it made the horrible noise that they make and scared both kids away! (Don't the kids usually scare the birds?!?!?!?)
 Kimber decided to hitch a ride on her Uncle's shoulders!
 Taking a little break with Grandma.
 Yesterday, we went snorkeling at Hanaumu Bay. Dane had such an amazing time checkign out all of the fish! He stayed out there for a couple hours enjoying himself! It is right up his alley! 

We are having such an amazing time! The pictures truly don't do it justice, but I had to share! :)