Friday, May 15, 2009

Fishing on the Mighty Mo!

Yesterday, Clint and I were both tired and Dane seems to be fighting a bit of a cold, so we kind of laid low and hung out around the house. We did go for a run, which both Dane and Bones enjoyed, but besides that we just worked on a few projects, took a nap, etc.

Today we (Dane and I) got up EARLY... Not on purpose mind you. He has decided that 6 am is his new wake up time! It used to be 830, sometimes 9. Hmmmm, sleeping through the night but waking up sassy as can be at 6 am. Am I really coming out ahead??? LOL . Anyway, we did fun stuff like laundry, took a bath, ate breakfast and then Clint got up and we went fishing down on the Missouri. When we were on our way out, it was raining... But it was pretty much just sprinkling and the weather was supposed to be nice, so we decided to go anyway and see how it was when we got there. Well, we lucked out and the rain stopped at the very end of our drive, and after a short time the clouds burned off and it was beautiful. I think it's only about 60, but with no wind and the sun it felt great!
The water was really high (which we expected with all the run-off) but Clint hooked one pretty quickly and decided to long-line release it. He said it was too small!!! ha ha
Then I got lucky and hooked a walleye. It was actually a decent one so I was thrilled.
We really had a nice time together and Dane enjoyed his time exploring out of the Kelty. We have to be careful not to let him down where there is any cactus, wild roses, or Russian olives. All of those things have nasty thorns... and surprisingly there are a bunch down there along the river. But, we found a little spot and hung out for a while just playing in the grass and having a great time!
Here are some pictures to share!

I thought this was funny... Shows how serious Clint takes this stuff. He was really concentrating... his home-made rod holder had to be just perfect!!! But, then I guess that is why he catches more fish than I do!!!

As a side thought.... there are definitely parts of the Kelty that I like (Kelty is the frame back-pack) The sunshade is awesome, and it stands up with Dane by itself when we take it off. There also is a small bag attached that you can put stuff in. But, I don't think it is as comfortable as the soft hippy pack for Dane or me. I love the hippy pack and can wear it for hours. But, the Kelty hurts my back and doesn't sit just right. I think that I will work on trying to adjust it, but that won't solve all my problems. The only bad part about the soft pack is that Dane sits right against me so we sweat... and when it is hot then it's really bad... anyway, if anyone wants one of those awesome hippy packs, they are at Sorry about the tangent!!!


Shannon Houston said...

looks like everyone had a great time fishing. Love Dane's sunhat, too cute. I think the early riser thing must run in the family...Porter never sleeps in past 6:30am anymore...darn it! Have a great weekend!

Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

Cute pictures! He is getting so big. We love our Kelty. It is big but once you get it adjusted it should feel better. It took us awhile to find the right fit. Now Hannah is getting bigger so no matter what afterwhile of carrying her it hurts :)

Lisa and Erik said...

Looks like a great day.