Monday, February 23, 2009

Not done yet...

This morning I had a great post ready to go. It had pictures and fun comments! Then I pushed the wrong button and it all disappeared. I should have taken it as an omen when the photos didn't load the first time! (it didn't even save a copy like it usually does) Oh well, here I go again. Dane is taking a nap so I better type quick!
Besides running a few errands this weekend (grocery shopping, etc.) we spent the whole weekend at the new house. It is really coming along, however it's never as quick as we want!

We figure it is going to take one more weekend and then it will be ready for all of our stuff! We may be able to start moving a few things next weekend, but the majority will be going in a couple weeks. By now it seems like we should be really good at moving... We do it enough!

We took a few pictures to share, so here they are!

We are still working on the blasted bathroom! However, all the wallpaper is gone! (I know I said that last week, but it is still exciting to me... please don't remind me about the other bathroom I must do at a later date...)
So, here is Clint working in the bathroom. He spackled and then put on some texture. He did a really nice job and it actually turned out great! I will post before and after pictures after next weekend when we have the house semi-finished!
Here is Dane in his "baby jail". We couldn't let him roam and get into the kitchen and bathrooms where we were working cause they are a mess with a million baby hazards. He didn't understand this (obviously) and wanted to see us and be part of the action. He would play for a little while and then would decide he wanted out NOW! Then we would put him in the pack, and he spent a fair amount of time in there.

Clint getting ready to texture... I love the mask!

Here are Dane and I taping in preparation for painting the kitchen... He would get a little antsy in the pack cause we weren't moving around enough... However then he would settle down and babble at us or sleep... You do have to be careful because he is watching and waiting for an opportunity and what ever you get close to he will grab!!! (light fixture by our head... he grabbed that like 20 times!)

Not only do you have to watch our for him grabbing things... you also have to remember that he is back there so you give yourself more space to walk through doors, turn around, back up, etc... As you can see, Daddy got a little too close to a freshly painted wall!!! I do have to say "thank-you" to my awesome sis once again for that pack. It has been worth it's weight in gold.

On Saturday, Clint and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!! Woo hoo! I use the word "celebrated" loosely cause we worked on the house all day! But we enjoy having projects and we work well together. (except when he doesn't listen to me... lol) There is something so rewarding about working on a house like this and seeing the positive progress. We did go through the Hardee's drive through for dinner though, so I can't say that I had to cook!

Speaking of dinner, one last story before I sign off... So yesterday we worked at the house ALL DAY LONG! We didn't really stop for lunch, we just grabbed a snack and kept on rolling. Well, I had put some of my favorite stew in the crock pot before we left, so I knew that we would have a nice hot meal when we got home... Yummy! Well, we walk through the door, and Clint starts getting out some other fixings to go with the stew while I take care of Dane. All the sudden I realize that the house does not smell all yummy and delicious... Hmmm. I say to Clint "holy crap I'm having a moment..." and I walk over and look into the crock pot to see all of my delicious stew fixings just as I left them. RAW. See I had wanted to make Dane some toast in the morning and I had to unplug the crock pot. Guess I didn't remember to plug it back in. Good thing we had some leftover homemade chili in the fridge!

This morning when I asked Clint what he wanted for dinner tonight, he said "preferably something cooked!" Ha ha!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We are ready for carpet!

Well, despite a 24 hour flu that has caught every one of us (except Dane... so far) We are ready for carpet. Most of the paint is up, except for some touch ups and some trim. The one bathroom is wallpaper free. Holy crap I hate wallpaper! There is some new sub-floor in the bathroom and the toilets and washer and drier have been moved out! It was a whirlwind 5 days of work and it's amazing how much we got done. But, I think you always expect to get more done!!! Isn't that the way.
We can't thank Clint's parents enough. They have been instrumental in getting this much done. My mom and Perry were also phenomenal... Helping out with Dane and bringing us juice and sprite when we are all sick... :( Everyone was really great!
Here are some pictures of all of our work!!
Everyone getting ready to start! This was our test wall for our first color we chose. Then we actually decided to lighten it up a little. So the walls are a caramel or ivory and the trim is all ivory. We think it turned out really sharp.

As I said we have some work to do around the corners and ceiling, but here it is waiting for carpet. The pictures make it look a little orange, but it actually is a really nice caramel color.

Here is Bill and Clint removing our 1970's (ish) vintage washer and drier. They weighed about a ton and a half I think... Good thing these boys are tough!

Here are Sheri and I at the beginning of our wallpaper removing party! Look how energetic and enthusiastic I am...

Do you see how much fun I'm having now? There was like 3 layers of paper (vinyl paper). In places they had painted over it, and in others they had patched holes with plaster right over the top as well. Needless to say it was a NIGHTMARE! But, we all took a turn and my awesome hubby got up really early one morning and went over and finished it up! He rocks!

Tomorrow Clint and I return to work and Bill and Sheri are headed back to Oregon. It has been a great weekend and hopefully everyone will be feeling 100 % soon... This week will be another busy one, I'm sure it will fly by. Take care everyone and stay posted for the pictures of our new casa with carpet and vinyl! woo hoo!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

How did we get to spend it... A romantic dinner? No... A walk in the park? not that either... How about stripping wallpaper, painting and tearing out carpet? YES! THAT'S IT!!! Woo hoo!!!
Actually we are pretty excited about our newest project... A huge amount of work? Absolutely! But, it should pay off in the end. We found a smoking deal of a house that just needed some major TLC. Clint's parents made the trip over to help out with all of this initial work, and they are life savers! They have a airless paint gun and lots of tools... (they have done this a time or two before...) not to mention a lot of great experience. So, we are having a good time working on getting this place move in ready!

Tonight we did get to spend the evening with Mom and Perry as well. Mom watched Dane all day and then they had us over for a delicious spaghetti dinner... and cheesecake for dessert! I ate too much! I was a total nerd though, and I left our camera over at the new house so I didn't get any pictures of our fun evening. We have been taking some pictures as we go, so I will try to post more as time allows. Here are some to start out...
The front... It is a little overgrown, but my hubby is a landscaping king!!! So, give us a couple years and it should be better!

The kitchen

Family Room

Upstairs living room

Dane with Gena!
(our awesome realtor, if anyone wants to buy real-estate in MT, let us know)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swinging at the park.

Well, Clint and I were both going to work today, but it was such a beautiful day and I didn't really have to work I was just going to go in for a couple hours. Clint did work a full day of overtime, and then when he got home we put Dane in the pack and went to the park. It was truly a wonderful day... Feels like spring. But, I'm sure it is just a tease and the cold weather will be here before we know it.

My work is actually pretty crazy right now. We are a 24 bed facility and we have 4 youth... That's a little scary and since we do actually have to keep a high enough population to meet our budget, this isn't a good thing. Today for example we had 4 staff and 4 youth (one of the reasons I didn't got in... it's not like they really needed me!) One to one ratio is not a good ratio in my business. Oh well, we are encouraging people to take time off and we have a couple new staff in training. This should also give me an opportunity to catch up on some of the tasky things that I need to do.
Well, we hope everyone has a great week!

Dane's Driving!!!

Dane is so animated and fun right now. I hope that everyone isn't getting tired of all the videos! It's just so fun to share tidbits of his little personality... This one is of him "driving" while we are on the way to the cabin. He was having such a good time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beautiful day for a drive!

Today we decided to go spend a day at the cabin and take a drive on the Rocky Mountain Front. It was beautiful, a little windy but sunny and clear. We tried to take a nap after lunch at the cabin, but Dane had a different idea and was up crawling all over us, wanting to play, just having a great time. Needless to say, no sleep for us!!!
Here is a picture of Dane "driving" on the dirt road leading up to the cabin...
This was a big field that was just full of geese and ducks. As soon as we stopped, they all started to fly... It's pretty cool to see when they all get up!
There are tons of these little lakes along the Front. I just thought this was pretty.
This is the Sun River Game Range. There are a ton of elk that come down and winter on it. They are kind of far away in the picture, but they seriously look like cattle they are so thick... it's incredible.

Well, tomorrow is a little less exciting... Clint's working in the morning and then I've got to go in for a little while in the evening. Next week is super busy, but we have a lot of excitement coming our way. I'll try to update everone and put some pictures of our newest project as soon as I get a chance!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dane and his ball

A coworker of mine sent a big box of toys home. I was going through it and found this ball. It's soft enough that Dane can grab it and it bounces... Dane loves it! Here is a short video of him playing with it. It is even funnier when he gets into a corner and throws it to where it comes back, if I get a video of that I will post it later. The one problem I can see down the road is that I'm sure Bones is also going to love this ball... maybe Dane will learn to throw it for Bones!

Did you enjoy the Superbowl?

Well, we watched the Superbowl yesterday... it's the only time during the whole year that we watch football. We were pulling for the Cardinals, not because we are die hard fans, but you have to pick one team to cheer for. Well, I dozed for about the first 2 1/2 quarters and then I watched the rest. Seems like I timed it right cause that is about when the Cardinals actually started playing. Ended up being a pretty good game and exciting enough to watch... For those of us who don't usually watch football.
I was pretty worthless all weekend cause I was really sick. I was sure it was "just a cold" but finally yesterday morning I went to the Doctor. Turns out I have another bout of tonsilitis (infected tonsils) and a pretty bad ear infection. Of course the Doctor said that I probably need to get my tonsils out, but after hearing how the experience was for Clint when he was in high school, I'm not very excited. What everyone says is that if you don't do it as a kid, then it's a pretty major surgery... Why is that? Are we weaker as we get older, or does our memory fade quicker when we are a child so we don't remember how bad it was? Hmmmmm. Anyway, now that I'm on antibiotics I feel like I'm on the mend. Clint is pretty good to me while I'm sick... he's a great hubby!
Yesterday Dane got a gift from Aunt Jeanne who lives in Nevada. He was pretty excited by the paper and had a good time ripping and tearing. Of course then he started eating it, so we had to stop!!! Once I threw away the paper he got to have some fun with the gift. It was a cool fuzzy singing turtle and a book that goes along with it! Thank you Aunt Jeanne!