Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trip to the cabin and Dane's first day of school!!!!!

Last weekend, we headed to the cabin for a couple nights and had an awesome time!
 Almost had a couple new pets, but I decided against it at the last minute!!!!  
 This is Dewey!

 The cutthroat were biting up at Wood Lake!  Here is a nice one that Dane landed!

 Playing with Dewey (Kimber's) and Buddy (Dane's)
 Dane's first day of Kindergarten!!!!  (Or Kimbergarten as little Kimber likes to say!)
 Walking to school with Daddy!
 Elvis was at Morningside to greet us!
 Our big boy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Bridger Ridge Run

This is how the "Official Website" describes the Bridger Ridge...

The Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run is one of the most technical trail runs in the United States. In 2012, Runner’s World Magazine named the Ridge Run one of it’s top 31 trail races in the country, giving it the title of “Most Raw Exposure.” In 2013, Outside Online named the Ridge Run one of its Top 10 Bucket List trail runs in the WORLD. The Ridge Run is 19.65 miles of brutal climbing and descending, complete with unstable footing, unpredictable weather, and, of course, miles of exposure along the ridge line of the Bridger Mountain range. Think you have what it takes to be one of the 250 runners allowed in each year?

Well, you all know that a Hauptmann/Houston can't turn down a good challenge, so my Dad, my brother (Erik) and I decided to try to get in to the run.  You can't just sign up, there is a lottery process because they can't let more than a certain amount on the trail.  When you apply for the lottery, you can write a sentence or two about why you want to be chosen.  So, I put on there that we all wanted to run it (father/son/daughter) and we crossed our fingers.  (and started running)

We got the news in June that we were accepted and we were stoked!  So, Erik flew in from  Hawaii, Dad and Marsha drove over from Oregon and we headed to Bozeman (with Grandma as well) on Friday for the pre-race briefing.  (Clint and the kids came over Saturday morning)  That night we all crashed early and were up at o'dark thirty on Saturday morning to get our coffee, breakfast, and head up to the trailhead.  On the way they have you carpool since there is very limited parking and the road up there is really bad.  In fact, it is so bad that we got stuck and had to get out and push the car up the hill!!!!

We made it to the starting line and looked on with excitement!
This was the line to the porta pottys...  I was hoping not to have to use them, but this picture was taken from my place in line!

Here are the three of us feeling all sassy, energetic, and a little nervous before the run started.  At least I was nervous as I looked up at the mountains surrounding us and realized that I had signed up to run 20 miles!  I think the guys were cool as cucumbers!

On a trail, they can't have all 250+ people start at once, so they started us in waves.  We were in wave number four.

13 seconds until go time!!!!  

This was one of the last times we saw Dad in the run!  He was off like a shot and did a fantastic job with a really strong finish.  Erik and I took more pictures and were a little slower with our run!  Dad is the one in dark blue!
After the first climb (approx. 2,000 feet elevation gain) we got a great view of the Ridge...  Holy crap, are we really running along the whole thing?

The run was awesome with some really technical spots.  

Erik is amazing with his ability to come from sea level and do such a great job on a run like this!

There were people who hiked up from some of the other trails and were along the route cheering us on!  It was actually really nice and helped keep our spirits up!  Here is one group!

At about mile 10 we got to this aid station (where they told us we had finished the "hard half")
This one had a ski lift coming to the top so they had plenty of water, snacks, etc.  Although I had packed most of my own food, it was great to refill my water and enjoy a quick break.

But, as we left that station and I got a glimpse of what was coming, I felt a little discouraged that we were only halfway through.  I'm not sure how they qualify hard and easy, but we still had some hard climbs ahead of us...  so, I didn't quite have it in me to smile for this one!
But, Erik is the happiest guy alive and snapped this "selfie"...  he is still smiling!

Still a long ways to go!

But, with fresh water and a little time, I found my smile again!  
A little dramatic???  

and after a killer downhill part, there is the finish line!!!!  Woooo hooooo!  It was so great to know that Clint, Kimber, Dane, Grandma, and Grammy were all waiting for us with smiles!
At the award ceremony my brother got an award for traveling the furthest to run.  There were runners from the East coast, San Francisco and Alaska.  But, Hawaii was the furthest!
and our rockstar Dad got second in his age group!  What a stud!
and here we are sportin' the shirt and the medal!

So, is there another run in our future???  Well, let's just say that we may have started discussing what next summer might hold!  :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Day of a Fun Visit!

Grammy, Gramps and Uncle Erik are all here for a visit right now and we are having a great time!  Today we hung out, went for a short run and then went out to Ryan Dam for a while.  Fun was had by all!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

HURL Elkhorn 23k

Today Jill and I did the HURL Elkhorn 23k trail run.  It was beautiful, fun, and a perfect day for a run!    
 Nice views!
 Good company!

Now Dad, Erik, and I are one week away from the Bridger Ridge Run!  Everyone arrives on Wednesday and then we head to Bozeman on Friday!