Monday, October 18, 2010

Dane reading to Kimber

Dane likes to read to Kimber...  I was able to get a little of it on video the other day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A wonderful weekend!

Our good friend Karl arrived last Friday to join us on our annual opening day pheasant hunt.  He makes the trip each fall and we all really look forward to it!  This year was no different and it turned out to be a great weekend.  The weather was perfect...  The kids were happy to be along...  and we even found a few birds.  Karl is an outstanding shot and luck was with him as far as the birds flushing where he could shoot at them. 
Here are a few pictures of the fun!!!

Dane with "his" bird!

Sleeping cutie!
Karl, Grits, and their birds!
Dane and "Grandpa" Karl as he was affectionately named by Dane!
The "traveling circus" (sometimes I think this describes our family perfectly!!!)
Then Sunday we went out to chase antelope...  I had an either sex permit and a doe permit, and Clint had a doe permit.  It was a beautiful day and there were actually a fair amount of antelope.  Unfortunately, I was acting like a total rookie and between leaving my safety on, and the wind I wasn't able to seal the deal on any critters.  Poor Clint made a beautiful stalk on a herd and then some guy came and parked on a neighboring ridge.  Antelope are notoriously skittish and quickly took off when they saw the vehicle.  Clint was moments away from being able to make a shot, so he was understandably cranky about the deal.  Dane had a great time and caught numerous grasshoppers (which he took with him each time we got back in the truck).  I think Clint probably is still finding them! 
Monday we woke up to rain so we decided to get some things done around the house.  Karl was going to come hunting with us, but decided to head back to Washington since the weather was so bad.  Then mid-morning the rain cleared off and the sun peeked through.  So, we took advantage and headed out to see what we could find.  Well, I lucked out and we spotted a buck bedded down that we could put a stalk on.  With some encouragement from Clint (I was feeling a little less than confident after Sunday) I belly crawled out to the edge and was able to get a good shot on a beautiful, mature buck.  He was obviously an old warrior with scars all over his neck and face.  One of his cutters (a part of their horn) was completely broken off.  What an amazing buck with great character. 
Clint was wearing Kimber throughout the whole hunt!!!  Hunter orange, camo, a baby sling, and a pink blanket!  What an incredible hubby I have!

He had the neatest ivory tips on his horns.
Clint offered numerous times, but since he had Kimber I went ahead and packed out the buck.
Then we found a few does bedded down.  Clint was able to make a great stalk and harvested this beautiful doe. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Montana Remodel

When you drive I-15 from Great Falls to Helena you pass the beautiful town of Ulm.  The hunting around this town is pretty good and the Missouri River runs right through the middle.  The people are all very nice and generous.  All in all, a nice town, except for one little thing...  Here is an example of classic Ulm architecture.
In case it's not clear, there are two trailers that they have hooked together lengthwise.  Now, they are putting up a stick frame around the whole thing.  Pure genius!!!!
Last weekend, we had another nice weekend.  On Saturday we had our friends Mike and Aimee over with their 3 kids.  We had a great time and the weather was perfect so we actually decided to bar-b-que. 
Then Sunday morning we got up and headed to Holter for some fishing.  Dane was stoked!  As always he had a wonderful time and was just busy the whole time.  Kimber was pretty good, but is getting a little independent.  She loves to stand (with us supporting her, of course).  She wants to see everything and if she can pick it up, she shoves it in her mouth.  Since getting done with the tummy issues, she is pretty happy and it seems like every time you make eye contact with her she smiles, giggles and coos. 
I do look forward to when I can wear her on my back though.  She is pretty good in the sling, but sometimes wants a little more freedom of movement for her arms and legs.  Here she is sleeping in the sling... I took this picture looking down at her.  What a princess!!!
 What a great day on the water!!! After trying a few different things, Clint figured out what was catching fish and we ended up landing about 11 trout.  Most of them were nice fish, including this one that Clint landed!
Kimber slept for a couple hours out there... I made her this little bed in the bow of the boat. It was pretty nice cause I got to fish a little more and just relax. If you are having trouble finding her little face, look behind the rope... She was really tucked in there! It kept her out of the sun and wind and she seemed content.
and then the princess awoke! It became a little tough then, cause it was about 2pm and it was hard to keep her out of the sun.  She wanted to see out of the sling, but we can't put sunscreen on her yet, so I had to be pretty careful not to let her get in the sun.  She ended up fussing and being cranky at me for a bit.  At that point we decided to head in and were back in the truck about 3.  Although it was a little chaotic at times, we had a really good time and were glad that we went.
Me and the princess...
 This weekend our good friend Karl is coming to chase birds with us.  Pheasant season opens up so we are going to head out and see what we can find.  Antelope also opens this weekend and I got a pretty good buck permit.  So, if the bird hunting isn't that great we may head out to chase antelope.  We also have a few doe antelope permits...  so that should keep us busy. 
No...  in case you are wondering we don't ever slow down.  We are both still working full time, although my work has been totally awesome and lets me do an alternate schedule.  I work 3 - 9 hour days in the office and then put in my other 13 hours at home.  This enables us the flexibility that our family needs when Clint is working different shifts.  In fact he just switched to afternoons, so we will really miss him in the evenings.  I also am able to keep Kimber home with me the other two days of the week, so she only does daycare 3 days a week.  It is really great.  Clint's work is busy as always, but he is doing well and keeps such a positive attitude...  I am very proud of him! 
Well, that's it for now, it's time to go to bed.  That is the one thing that I seem to have given up lately...  Sleep.  Yes, I do miss it sometimes, but thank goodness for strong coffee in the morning!