Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta love these kids!

It's been a long week.  Last Wednesday I had to go pick Dane up cause he had pink-eye.  Well, we took him tot he Dr., got some drops and figured we would be good.  Friday he hadn't improved much so he went back to the Dr and got different drops and oral antibiotics.  That night his fever climbed to 103+ and stayed there for the entire weekend.  When he was medicated it would come down some, but as soon as the tylenol or ibuprofen wore off it would shoot right back up.  Nights were super rough and then we added some puking to the mix.  He wasn't eating very well and I started getting worried.  Monday I was supposed to go to Missoula for work but Clint was working that night.  We had made arrangements with someone from his daycare to bring the kids home and hang out with them until Clint got home, but obviously that wasn't happening.  Luckily, Clint was able to get Monday off and after getting Dane another appointment to go back in I headed out to Missoula.  Good news is that they got him into an eye Dr. and got some different meds to put in his eyes.  Turns out it wasn't pink-eye but a different eye infection.  Monday night his fever was up to 103.7 when he went to bed, but it ended up breaking overnight and by Tuesday night he looked so much better.  Clint had Wednesday and Thursday off, so Dane and him ended up spending some great time together.  (even though Dane could have gone back to daycare on Wednesday, Clint kept him home and they went fishing at the River on Wednesday and out on Holter today...  Lucky guys! 

Kimber is such a cuddle bug...  she will climb in anyone's lap who is sitting on the floor.  Here she is taking advantage of Dane's lap...  as little as it may be!
Tuesday night Clint was cleaning up after dinner and the kids were outside playing.  I don't think we have to wonder if Kimber is going to be a tomboy!

I know I've said it before, but Grammy is an awesome seamstress.  Here is Kimber sportin' a super cute dress that Grammy made her! 
The next few pictures are from the boy's trip to Holter today...  here are some crawdads that they were able to catch.  As well as a stick and a flower!
Dane showing off one of the crawdads they caught!
Even though he only went a few times, swim lessons really helped Dane's confidence around water.  Here he is splashing around and having a great time!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fishin' the Missouri with Dane

Monday we decided to give Dane a special day.  He's been missing his Daddy since Clint switched to afternoons, so we thought that a special day fishing on the River might be a lot of fun for him.  So, Kimber went to daycare and we hiked down to the Missouri for the morning.  It is a tough place to take Kimber at this point anyway.  She only wants to be on my back for a while or if we are hiking and then she wants down.  She is walking but not that great and as you will see from the pictures it was really muddy.  Plus, Dane felt pretty special!  Here are some pictures from our great day!

Dane's getting his Daddy a minnow. 
 One of Dane's goldeneyes.
 My special catch...  yes that's right.  It's a carp!  They actually fight pretty good! 
 Dane actually caught the first bass of the day!
 Dane's pretend "sailboat".  He talked Clint into riding his "sailboat" with him.  It was pretty darn cute!
 It was truly a little boys paradise.  Look at all that mud!

We all had a really fun time. It was pretty hot though, I think it got up to about 104 here yesterday, which is hot for Montana.  Luckily we had a nice cool sprinkler to run through last night!
In addition, today I got some good news.  I lucked out and drew a bull elk permit for the Beartooth Mountains which is a pretty great area.  I am SO EXCITED and can't wait to start hiking and scouting!  

Friday, July 8, 2011

An awesome visit and a fun fourth!

Clint's parents left last Sunday after a great visit.  They were amazing and helped us so much while they were here.  We did have a little fun as well.  Here are some pictures from our fishing trips.

It's a walleye!

Just chillin'
Bill with a nice trout

Sheri and Kimber enjoying lunch
 I also picked Dane up a kite one day so Sheri (Nana) and I took him to fly it at a local park.  The wind was pretty light so we had to run a little to keep it up, but it was so fun.  I think I had as much fun as he did.  Plus all the running tired him out!  Awesome!

 This was taken on Holter during one of our fishing trips.  I thought it was so beautiful!
 The day that Bill and Sheri left we decided to just hang out and have some fun.  So, we headed out to Freezeout for some bowfishing.  Dane thought that it was about the coolest thing EVER!  He was telling everyone about shooting carp!
Clint ready for a shot
Kimber is quite the walker these days and has a great time trekking everywhere.  Here she is bringing me a rock!  What a treasure! 
and of course, there was the fourth.  My mom came over on Sunday night and we lit a few fireworks for Dane.  Here he is with some sparklers!