Sunday, July 21, 2013

They weren't big, but we were with Nana and Grandpa and it was fun!

 We are fortunate enough to have Nana and Grandpa visiting right now, and we are having a great time!  Yesterday, we headed out to Bynum Reservoir to see if we couldn't catch some perch.  
Fortunately, we did find some perch and they were super fun to catch; although as you can see from the picture below, they weren't exactly monsters!!!!
 Look at those guys!  Two of a kind!
 Lookin' good Nana and Grandpa!

It was pretty warm out there, so we did enjoy a nice dip in the water!  Great way to cool off on a hot day!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fishing trips and a fourth of July Celebration!

Even with all the work on the yard and Clint on overnights, we still have had some opportunities for fun!  The day after Kimber's birthday we headed out to Holter to see if we could find some trout.  After some experimenting, Clint figured out what they wanted and we started hooking some nice ones!

 This was kind of a cool opportunity for a picture; there is the pelican, and then look in the background...
 Dane loves to pose...  Kimber wanted to wash her hands! :)
 Wooo hooo!  Nice double boys!  
 Our little greeter!  She is very friendly!
 Last weekend, started with Clint and Noah getting the sprinklers all set up and going on Friday night.  Then Saturday we got up early and laid sod.
 Noah took pity on us and came over to help!  We seriously owe him dinner for all the help he has given us on this project!
 We ended up doing about 2/3 of the yard that day; they are tearing up the sidewalk for a City project and then we need to pour a sidewalk from our pad to the porch, so we will wait until that's done to finish the sod.  But, what we laid looks awesome, and I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the front yard!

So, Sunday we packed up super early and headed up to Francis Lake for some fishing.  I have such amazing memories of Francis from when we lived in Conrad, and it certainly did not disappoint.  Kimber had a great time reeling in this monster fish!  (it was the perfect size for her!)
 Dane was quite the little stud and sat on the bow fishing.  (literally for hours) He had a rod with a jig on it and just casted/reeled, casted/reeled, over and over.  All the sudden, he sets the hook on a pike!  Although it broke off right at the boat, he was thrilled (as were we, we actually didn't expect him to catch anything!).  So, he just sat up there and fished the whole time!  It was great to see him enjoying himself so much!
 We caught some nice walleye...  Clint had to work that night, but we really started to figure them out just when we had to leave.  (isn't that always the way!) But, we still caught enough to have a great time and enjoy a couple walleye dinners!  :)
 Dane's second fish from his place on the bow!

 Of course yesterday was the Fourth of July!  Noah and Amy graciously invited us to spend the day with them, and it was such a great time.  We started it with the parade...  Kimber is in her favorite spot, sporting the super cute outfit she got from Nana.
 Kimber is a little timid when it comes to loud noises, so we came prepared and put her ear muffs on her!  She ended up wearing them pretty much the whole day (between the parade and fireworks, it was a noisy day!), and even slept in them!  But, it worked like a dream and she truly enjoyed everything since the noise wasn't bothering her.
 This helicopter kept circling and doing really fast "fly-bys" with it's sirens on...  it was kind of cool!
 The boys sat on the curb with the kids...  
 Then there was a BBQ and some pool time!

 Followed by lots of fireworks!  
It was a really nice day with friends...  Clint had to work but came for the parade/BBQ/Pool time so that was really great.  It also was his last overnight on this rotation, so now he will be on dayshift for 3 months!  AWESOME!