Friday, October 28, 2011

Brave or insane?

Dane has always loved to cook with me.  Kimber recently figured out it can be fun, so now I am lucky enough to have 2 great helpers in the kitchen.  My first cookie project with both of them was last Sunday and I think we were pretty successful.  The kitchen was a mess, the kids were a mess, the cookies were yummy, and everyone had fun.  Here are just a couple pictures of the chaos!

Right at the beginning of the project, Kimber had just figured out what we were doing and scooted her own chair over to the counter. 

 Flour was just added... 
 Gotta lick the beaters... that's my favorite part!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A great visit!

We had a wonderful visit with Grammy and Gramps for the past week.  I am bummed out because I hardly took any pictures, but here are a few from one of our evenings together.

 Then Dane and I went hunting this morning.  Saw some deer, but we didn't harvest anything.  We did have fun though.  Here are a couple pictures of Dane right after first light.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing Clint...

Last Sunday Clint left for North Carolina for 6 weeks.  He is getting his new K-9 "Shep".  They will go through this 6 week training together and when they return they will have a great foundation of skills.  When I talk to Clint, it sounds like he is having a good time, learning a lot, and figuring out how he and Shep can work together.  I think they will be great!  But, we sure do miss him. 
I took Dane antelope hunting today.  We had a really great time.  We spotted a herd of antelope but they were being worked by 3 coyotes.  They were super flighty; running one way, then turning and running the other.  I wasn't sure if we could even get close, but since we didn't have anything else going on, I figured it was worth a try.  Hunting with a 3 year old is fun, but challenging at times!  As I was loading my rifle and grabbing my gear, he was fixated on a large beetle that was under the truck.  But, when I told him it was time to go, he grabbed my hand and off we went.  He hiked like a trooper, but our journey through the stubble field was a little slower than usual. Probably because of our slower pace we had a coyote within about 75 yards checking us out.  Dane got a kick out of that. 
A few times I found myself wanting Dane to walk quieter, but I reminded myself to relax...  with the wind they probably couldn't hear us anyway.  We reached the hill that I thought they were just on the other side of and I filled Dane in on the plan.  We would sneak most of the way up together and then he would need to wait for me while I crawl up over the top and see where the antelope were.  He agreed and the plan played out just like I hoped.  He was super quiet and waited just like I asked.  When I peeked over the hill I had a whole herd of antelope looking straight at me from 100 yards!  I was in long stubble so I had to crawl to a spot I could get a shot from.  Even though they milled around a little I couldn't get a clear shot. They sprinted about 150 more yards before stopping again.  I had one picked out and was just about to pull the trigger when they all took off again at a dead run.  Welcome to antelope hunting!  As I watched the last goat disappear over the hill I was super disappointed.  I really wanted to harvest an antelope with Dane.  But, I had told myself that it needed to be right and I didn't force a shot... 
Dane was thrilled, not necessarily about the antelope, but about the 2 beetles that he found while I was crawling up the hill!  Go figure!  :) 
We had a wonderful time, but I miss my best friend and other amazing hunting partner...  Clint.
We have been staying very busy though.  Here are some random pictures from the past week and a half. 
Below is Dane helping Clint move some rocks before he left.  Look at the size of the rocks he is moving!

 Kimber loves her ear muffs!

We have been doing a lot of art projects.  We walked around the neighborhood collecting leaves.

 and then we had the best time doing different leaf art.  I forgot how fun this stuff can be!

 Kimber didn't really need leaves.  She made her own art!  :)
 Getting ready to go to the park.

 We all had a great time there as well!

 Then there were some other art projects! 
Now I'm trying to get my house in order since Grammy and Gramps are coming this weekend.  We are all very excited to see them and I really appreciate them coming to spend some time with us!