Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, despite the fact that I can't get the pictures to download right, I'm going to attempt a post! So, be patient with me!

Two weekends ago Clint, Brock, Otis, and Noah all went up to an ice fishing tourney in Valier. Dane and I were going to go, but I hadn't grocery shopped in a couple weeks, so we stayed home and cleaned the house, shopped, etc. Although they did not win, they did have a great time and Brock caught his very first Northern!

Brock proudly showing off his catch!

Clint says the "three amigos", I say the "three stooges". LOL

After Clint got home on Saturday, we packed up and left first thing Sunday morning for the cabin... Shocking, I know! I had Monday off since it was a Holiday, and Clint's days off happened to fall at the same time so we lucked out.
This picture is from the drive up to the cabin. The fog was thick all night long so everything was covered in this incredible layer of frost. It was beautiful.

We never tire of the view from the cabin

On Monday Otis, Kim and their two kids came up and joined us for ice fishing. The weather was phenomenal and we had such an amazing time. It actually warmed up so much we were taking off our jackets, hats, and gloves.
Otis caught a really nice 4+ lb trout. This picture doesn't do it justice, but here he is with it and another fish we caught.

Shaylin and Chaz with the day's catch.

Everyone "helping" Clint clean the fish!

Dane was watching other people tuck their hands in their snow pants, so he wanted to mimic them! So, here he is just hanging out! He had such a good time!

As I said we had a great time... Sorry all the recent pictures have been from ice fishing and trips to the cabin, but that is how we have been spending all of our extra time. I'm really enjoying not being on call and Dane is at such a great age to get out there and fish with him. In fact, last weekend Clint took Saturday off so we could head out and do more of the same. Sunday was our 7 year anniversary so we celebrated by spending some incredible time together as a family. I will try to post some pictures from that trip later.
Sadly, our days off aren't going to fall on the same days for a while. Now it's time to let Dane catch up on Grandma and Grandpa time, clean my house, and catch up on other chores and tasks around the house. I certainly will miss all the time that we spent at the cabin but I know our days off will fall together again before I know it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm sorry guys... I want to update but I am not sure why I can't get the pictures to show up correctly. I will keep working on it, but it will probably be next week before you get to see some of our fun pictures from our day with the Dilley's!
We are headed up to the cabin again tomorrow so we hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another incredible weekend!!!! Cabin, sledding, and fishing!

Last weekend we went up to the cabin again and had a really nice time.  On Saturday, we decided to give the fishing on Willow Creek Res. another chance...  The last few times we have fished there have not been productive at all so we had kind of given up.  Well, this time luck was on our side and we caught some really great fish.  This trout that Clint landed was probably the biggest that we have caught.

Some of our great friends (Mike, Aimee, and their kids) then came up and met us at the cabin.  We ate some lunch, visited and then took the kids sledding.
Here is Dane and Isabell
Me and Isabell having a great time!
Ashton enjoying the ride!!!

Dane and Mike

Clint and Bones!!!

On Sunday we went fishing again and had another productive day!  Our faith in Willow Creek has been renewed...  in fact we are headed up again this weekend!

Besides that...  Life is good.  Dane is really growing up like crazy and is getting to be such a big boy!  He is using the "big boy potty" in the evenings and thinks it is about the coolest thing in the world!  We are just keeping it positive and relaxed at this point. 
As everyone knows, toddlers are crazy busy and he is quite the little "pistol" (Carrie, thanks for the good description) and has VERY strong feelings at times.  Luckily, his temper is quick to fizzle and we are able to move on quickly.  We sure do enjoy the heck out of him!
The little princess is growing as well and is really super active.  She is kicking around constantly letting us know that she is going to be a little spitfire that will hold her own with her big brother!  I'm feeling really good, just getting a bigger belly!  But, my new job has a gym downstairs and I go down on my lunch break and run on the treadmill everyday so that is super nice. 
Clint's job is going well.  Despite that fact that it is a tiring job, he is very good at what he does.  Right now he is on afternoons and that is the busiest shift to work.  I am very proud of him though, because he has an amazingly positive attitude!
Well, that's about it for now...  Everyone take care and enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big News!

Today we got our 20 week ultrasound and we are pleased to announce that our baby looks healthy and everything looks great!  Woo hoo!!!

In addition, we found out that our baby is going to be our little...

Yes, that's right.  The Montana Houston's are going to be joined by a little, fierce, sassy huntress!!!  Get ready Dane cause your life (and ours) is going to get pretty exciting in June!