Friday, June 29, 2012

Surprise... we went fishing last weekend!

We made it out on Holter twice and then fished lower on the Missouri one day...  I don't have a lot of time to write, but I wanted to share these pictures!

Daddy's Girl

A pelican cruising

Showing off a Sauger that Dad caught

Slippery little sucker!

Look at my worm!

Does it look good on my nose????
 We did get a new camera with an awesome zoom!  Here are a couple Golden Eagles that we were able to take some pictures of!

 One night we were actually out on the Lake pretty late.  As you can see, we had an amazing view while returning to the boat launch!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A nice visit with Dad and Marsha

This morning Dad and I got up this morning and went to York, Montana for the Angry Trout Trail run.  Here we are after we were done.
 Then we came home, loaded up and went fishing.  Clint quickly showed his fishing ability by hooking this monster walleye. 
Gramps and the awesome walleye that he caught!  He actually caught more fish than all of us!

Marsha and Kimber looking good!
 Another shot of Dane, Clint and the huge walleye

Monday, June 11, 2012

Guess what we have been up to?

The last two weekends have been a lot of fun...  First I have some pictures from 2 weeks ago when we did a little more walleye fishing below Maroney Dam.  We took the boat across the River and the fishing was pretty darn good.  The kids had a great time as you can see...  climbing, fishing, and playing!

 Dane's big bass!  (Perhaps it was Clint's, but Dane is proud to hold it up!)
 Then we left on Friday to head up to the cabin.  It was really good to get away; we haven't been up there for a while.  The weather was nice, but cool and a little windy.  We tried to do a lot of different things, like fly a kite.  

 It was too windy for the kite, so we caught some grasshoppers and other bugs.
 We also tried playing a little badminton and throwing a ball around, but with the high winds it was pretty tough.  So, we drove down to the lake and took a walk around it looking at the various things.
 Then the next morning we got up and headed up to Wood Lake, one of our favorite pre-kid fishing spots.  It's a beautiful Lake up in the mountains!  Needless to say, we all had a great time, and even caught some wonderful cutthroat trout in Wood Lake.

Here is Shep waiting to see what Clint is up to... 
 One of the cutthroats proving to be a little hard to handle!
 Dane and Clint were catching all kinds of things for bait, like these dragonfly larvae and a leach.
 Kimber is not so good at sleeping at the cabin yet, so I was pretty tired from kid wrangling all night.  Dane had pointed out this pond on our way up to Wood Lake and told Clint that he wanted to fish there.  Figuring he would be asleep when we drove back by, Clint told him we would stop.  There was no way that Dane was going to sleep, but Kimber was napping when we got to the pond.  I stayed with Kimber and dozed a little while the boys went down to the pond.  Imagine my surprise when they returned with these two monster Brook Trout.  I didn't even know that Brook Trout got that large!!!!  Good job guys!

 That evening we took the dogs down to the Lake by the cabin.  Shep had never been swimming before, but he took to it like a pro!

This weekend Dad and Marsha are coming over so we are all super excited to see them!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Clint had today off, the kids were both feeling well, and the weather was good so we decided to hike down to the Missouri and go fishing.  We went to a different spot than we usually do, and it was a little longer of a hike, but I think that we all enjoyed it immensely.  Clint was the meat producer of the family; with Dane's help he caught 5 nice walleye.  I caught a nice brown trout and a goldeneye...  :)  The walleye didn't like me today!

I think it probably was about a 4 mile hike by the time it was all said and done...  Dane did pretty darn well!  He hitched a ride on Clint's shoulders a couple times, but most of the time was hiking like a champ.

Here are some pictures from our fun day!

 Dane is showing Kimber the walleye!

Now it's time to get some chores done around the house and then tomorrow we are going over to my mom's to help her out for the day.  It should be a great weekend!