Saturday, June 25, 2011

Way Behind!

I've been up since 4 am after a long (or short?) night with Kimber.  So, I'm tired and I'm sorry this post will probably be short.  But, I did want to catch everyone up on what we have been up to.
Finally we got some nice weather and made it out on Holter.  For this trip we didn't catch too many fish, but had a wonderful time and enjoyed getting out on the water. 

Daddy and his princess!

 We got Dane a bike and have been having a great time teaching him how to ride/brake/etc.
 Clint received a Medal of Honor through MACOP for his response to a particular call last year.  They paid for us to go down to BigSky, Montana for the Award Ceremony.  I am so proud of him for the amazing work that he does and it is wonderful to see him and his coworkers recognized. 
 This past week, my Supervisor at work left to return to Michigan and go back to school.  She really is an incredible person and has become a good friend.  I was sad to see her go... 
We did have a nice time at a BBQ last weekend. 
Kate, Kimber, and I
 There was a pond out where we had the BBQ, so the boys did some fishing and caught some beautiful brown trout!  The whole property is incredible and is owned by another coworker of mine who was generous enough to invite all of us out! 
 Both kids adore Kate, but Dane is especially fond of her!
Dane and Kate

Kate and Kimber
This week Clint's parents are here so we are working around the house (painting) and today we made it out to do some fishing.  I will do my best to update again with pictures from their visit soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kimber walking

She is so darn close to getting really mobile.  She just needs to get her confidence up, then there will be no stopping her!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another fun day in the sun... with water too!

Sunday was another fun day with sun, water, and Grandma!!!  Fun was had by all!  The only thing missing was my amazing hubby, Clint... 

Oh yeah, there was mud too!
 At this point Kimber is happy to play on the blanket.

 Making her way to the buckets, water, and fun!!!
 Time to stop for a snack...  in the perfect little chairs that mom got the kids.  They LOVE them!
 She made it to the water!!! :)
 Back at home...  this doesn't look like an accident waiting to happen...
 She wants to be like her brother so bad!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A fun weekend!

Kimber has really started to enjoy dinner with us...  unfortunately things can get messy.  Avocado was on the menu this night! 
 Saturday was "National Trail Day".  An organization here in Great Falls set up a bunch of different hikes around the area.  Since Clint was working, me and the kids decided to participate in the hike on the river that was designed for kids.  It was 2 miles long, and was a part of the River's Edge Trail that we had never been on.  It was quite pretty and Dane had a wonderful time.

 Then, when Clint got off work we headed out to Benton Lake.  With all the water that we have had, there are a lot of ducks in the area.  We got a fair amount of pictures that I wanted to share!


Cinnamon Teal

Long Billed Curlew

Long Billed Curlew

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Beautiful Wildflower

Walking down the boardwalk

 As I said, we have a lot of water in the area...  Since we were in the car, we decided to turn around at this point!
 Of course we had taken the net, so Clint and Dane caught a bunch of waterbugs.  I think that these are water fleas and freshwater shrimp.  We took these home and put them in the fishtank for our minnows.  They were thrilled, and quite fat!
It was a really great day and we had a lot of fun!

Friday, June 3, 2011

What have we been up to?

So, it has been raining...  a lot.  We don't normally get this much rain in Great Falls and I must admit, it's getting a little old.  But, unfortunately I don't have a direct line to the Weather Gods, so I guess I'm stuck with what I get.  :)  With all the rain and Clint working the weekends, we have just been hanging out, enjoying some time with Grandma, and visiting with friends.  Here are some random pictures that we have taken.

We went out to a friend's house last Saturday.  They have goats and believe me, the goats were a hit with Dane.  Here he is feeding some treats with Dad's help!
 This baby was so stinkin' cute!
 They had a little donkey too!!!  It was such a sweet thing with the softest muzzle.
 Because of all the recent rain, the Rivers are all high and there is extensive flooding in some communities.  Luckily we aren't too bad off in Great Falls,(at least not yet, it does depend on upcoming weather patterns) but the Missouri is really high and muddy.  Here is the Black Eagle Dam.
Kimber is so close to walking...  She is letting go of things and taking a couple steps before sitting down.  Here she is leaning against the cupboard eating a pretzel.   
This weekend the rain is finally supposed to let up for a couple days.  Wooo hooo!!!  Hopefully, we will get out to enjoy it!