Sunday, August 26, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Well, this is the best time of year, for recreation, weather, and fresh produce. I wanted to share a few pictures of what we are harvesting from our garden right now! Obviously we let a couple of he zucchini's get a little out of control, they are humongous!

I'm so excited for the first cantaloupe to get ripe! It's so close, hopefully just a few more days!


A medley of green beans, a cucumber, a zuchinni, and some peppers.

Bones, he is such a Ham for the camera!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shingles are on... well most of them!

As you can see, the cabin now has shingles! We did run a little short.... We didn't major in math! So, now we have the rest, we just need to get up there and finish the job.

Notice the background, usually you can see the beautiful Rocky Mountain Front but with all the smoke from the fires, you can't see anything! It would be great if we could get some rain, but all we can do is hope!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hiking in Hawaii

Erik, Evan, Owen and I all went on a super fun hike! It was a good hike that had incredible views!

I was also super impressed by Evan and Owen! They are such tough little guys!


My mom and I were fortunate enough to fly to Hawaii to visit my brother and his family. As you can see by the following pictures we had an amazing time and had a chance to enjoy most of the fun that Oahu has to offer. My only regret is that our hubby's were able to go (Clint and Perry) But, maybe next time.

I got to try surfing. I thought it was going to be easy, but it was hard to stay up. It was an incredibly good time though!

Here are my nephews, Evan (sitting) and Owen. These boys are amazing swimmers and we spent a lot of time in the water!

This is my brother with his beautiful daughter, Erica on his shoulders. Like all of their kids, she is a total trooper. But, once in a while she hitches a ride!

This is my sister-in-law (Lisa) and Erica.

Erik, Evan, Owen and I all got to go sailing! It was so great and I felt like I could stay out there forever!

For a few of the days we were spoiled and stayed in a hotel. This was sample of the night and daytime views from our room! Mom and I spent a few evenings sitting on the deck enjoying the view.

Here's a picture of my beautiful mom in front of some amazing Hawaii scenery.

Here I am with a little island in the background!

Hiking with Dad and Marsha

While in Oregon, I was lucky enough to spend a day hiking with my Dad and Step mom, Marsha. We decided to tackle Mount Joseph, aka Chief Joseph.

Here is my Dad

Here I am with Marsha.

Here is a picture of the mountain that we climbed. This is taken from the valley and the very highest point is the one that we climbed.

My dad is a very gifted mason and here is a beautiful example of his work. This is his home that he built and lives in now.

The awesome wedding!

My good friend Abby got married and I was lucky enough to be part of the fun!!! It was a great wedding and even though I don't yet have pictures of the ceremony, here are a few that I did have on my camera!
Here is a picture of Abby getting her hair done by Quinn! Of course Daisy is part of the fun! (she's the little one in Abby's lap)
Here I am with Abby. Notice that each of us has a little liquid encouragement. I needed it cause I was wearing false eyelashes and tons of makeup!!!
Here I am with Clint. He was such a champ the whole time and even took pictures throughout the ceremony for some friends!

Clint and Brock fishing!

Clint and his litte brother Brock have had some great times fishing! Here's some pictures of their catch!

We're Back

Well, our computer went down.. So, it took us some time to get a new one. But, now we are back on-line, so we have a lot of pictures to show everyone!