Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rain, Rain...

Well we are having some yucky weather this weekend, so we decided to stick close to home. It worked out okay cause we are kind of short handed at work and I had to work yesterday morning and then an overnight shift. So, today it's raining/snowing outside and I don't feel bad about my lack of motivation. Clint worked out in the yard and got a huge project done. The past owners had a plastic shed type building outside that was full of crap. Dane and I went shopping and while we were gone my super studly hubby emptied all the crap out and then cut it up with his saws-all. He took 2 big loads to the dump as well. Wow!
I will post some pictures or a video of Dane's funny antics later in the weekend. He is such a busy fun little guy. We hope everyone is having a good weekend! Take care!

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