Saturday, June 20, 2009


When we went fishing last weekend we had a great opportunity to observe the amazing scenery and wildlife that Montana has to offer! Here are the Rocky Mountains over a field of wildflowers!

Wild irises with the Rockies in the background.

While walking through a swampy area, Clint spotted this little guy hanging out.

Dane and I were walking along and found this water snake in the rocks!
Here is a momma whitetail bedded in a big field of wild irises... We were sure that she probably had a fawn nearby.


There are a bunch of antelope that hang out around the cabin. Here is a bachelor herd with a really nice buck (on the right)
Shore bird wading in the water

A whitetail buck in the cat-tails (with a red wing blackbird flying on the right)
For some reason foxes love to build their dens on the side of the road. We saw two separate dens with young foxes hanging out. Clint was able to take a couple great pictures. Aren't they incredible?!?

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