Monday, October 20, 2008

What a nice visit!

Dad and Marsha came from Oregon and spent the weekend with us. We didn't really go out and do anything fun, but we got a bunch of projects done and had a great time catching up and playing with Dane. Oh yeah, and Dane's thrush is starting to clear up, but I got it pretty bad over the weekend. In a moment of weakness I decided to try Gentian Violet which is REALLY purple. (everyone told me it was the answer to my problems!) It stains pretty bad and you can still see it on Dane's face...
Dad and Clint working on the shed... Hasn't Clint done a great job?

Grammy and Dane

Marsha helping me make curtains

Gramps and Dane having a great time

Look at that face Dane is making... So funny!

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Shannon Houston said...

Glad you had a great visit, it's so nice to spend time with family. Great job on the shed Clint! Dane's face is so cute! He looks like such a happy little guy, I know Grandpa and Nana and SO excited to see him.