Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nobody said we weren't stubborn!

Despite the "not so great" bird hunting on Saturday we decided to go back out on Sunday. I wasn't really that excited at first cause I figured that the wind would be blowing at gale force winds again... and like I said before, that just makes everything hard, poor Dane was a trooper, but it had to be hard for him too. Well, Saturday night we looked at the weather and got great news... cold and clear with wind at 5-10 mph! We were so excited, and to top it off big game season opened on Sunday as well. So, we went to bed early on Saturday with high hopes for Sunday!
Sunday dawned just as promised and we were up on some state land to watch the sun rise. After a few unsuccessful stalks for a mule deer doe, we decided to go chase some birds for a while. Once again the sharptails were flushing wild on the first piece. So, then we moved on and found a covey that had broken up so the birds were flying one or two at a time.... Perfect... Karl and Clint each got a sharptail and then Karl got a pheasant! Finally some birds! The dogs had a great time... It was pretty funny because while Bones was retrieving Clint's bird, Grits and Sadie both retrieved Karl's bird and NEITHER were going to let go... So, they both brought the bird back. It was pretty cute!

Here they are with their birds!
After lunch here was everyone just relaxing in the grass!

Karl and Dane having a good time!

Karl with a couple birds... Grits and Sadie looking proud!

After we finished bird hunting we decided to go back by some state land where we had seen some deer. We have a couple mule deer doe permits so we were hoping to fill one. Well, we spotted some feeding and decided to make a stalk. Dane went into the pack and off we went!
We had to do some major crawling through some really thick grass and brush. At one point I looked back over my shoulder and there was Clint with Dane on his back. Dane was looking up, smiling and sucking on his pacifier... what a trooper! Finally we got to the best spot we could and set up with the shooting sticks to see if I could get a shot. After a ton of patience I was able to get a shot on a doe. With one beautiful big doe on the ground we got to work. What an amazing hunt with the whole family!!!

While we were quartering the deer, the sun was setting and it was so beautiful. Here are a couple great pictures that Clint took! Those are the Rockies that you can just make out with the sun behind them!

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Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

You have SUCH a good baby. I don't think Hannah would do that well. You guys are definitely blessed! Plus, it makes for great tales when he gets older!