Sunday, October 12, 2008

I think that we get the prize for #1 guides!

Today we woke up to a cold snowy day. But, snow just means that the birds will hold tight. So, we loaded up and went back up to Conrad to see what we could find. Our friend, Marcus joined us and Dane was along as well.
By the time we got up to Conrad, the ground was dry and the clouds had lifted. It was fairly chilly, but an awesome morning to be out. Marcus and I both had guns, and Clint had Dane.
So, off we went. Bones worked really well. He has caught on to this like a pro and even found one dead bird that was in some pretty thick nasty stuff, and we had marked it further out. We would have never found it without him. He hunted hard the whole time and impressed us with his drive.
Marcus was really on today as well. We flushed 3 birds that were shooters and he dumped all three! Since he had filled his limit he took Dane and Clint took his gun. After that we actually didn't bump any more shooters. There were some in front of us, but they were flushing wild and running up the hill way in front of us. After we got out of that basin, we didn't find any more birds so we were super glad we had found that "honey-hole". We put on some miles and had a great time! We are so glad that Marcus was able to get some birds. I think that we were pretty successful as "guides". :) We look forward to chasing birds with him again.
Here's Marcus with the first pheasant of the day. (Bones was too busy looking for more birds so he wouldn't pose for the camera!!!)

This was Dane sitting on Clint while we took a little break.

Clint and Marcus

Then, this is what we returned to this afternoon in Great Falls. So, we are just going to hang out and have a relaxing evening. We probably have about 4 inches already and it just keeps coming down. We can't believe the difference between here and Conrad. It's amazing the difference that 60 miles can make!!

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Shannon Houston said...

Wow, the snow has made an appearance. Looks like you all had a great time hunting, sounds like Bones is doing a great job. And the little trooper Dane, he'll be ready for his own gun here pretty soon!