Sunday, October 5, 2008

A great day to be in the field!

Once again the weekend has flown by. Yesterday we worked around the house and Clint got most of the shingles on the shed. It looks really great... He is such a handy guy to have around.
This morning we picked up Brock and headed out to our favorite Snipe hunting grounds. We got a few snipe and then we loaded up and headed to some state land to jump shoot some ducks. It was pretty windy, so the ducks couldn't hear us coming and we had some incredible shooting. The creek is a little hike from the truck, but as soon as we topped over a little rise to drop down into it, some ducks flew and Clint got a double. Two beautiful mallard drakes!
Since there usually aren't a ton of ducks we went ahead and traded. Clint took Dane, I got the gun, and Brock carried the birds. Well, we started hiking along the creek and sure enough we heard the telltale quacking of some mallards. I snuck ahead and I was able to get a double out of that flock! One mallard hen and one mallard drake. Deciding that we had enough for dinner, and wanting to end on a good note, we decided to head back home.

We had such a great time. Bones worked well and retrieved the birds, Brock had a good time and did great helping out, and Dane was such an amazing little trooper!

Well, here are some pictures from our day...

There is a little pond to the East of our snipe hunting ground. Dane needed to eat, so Clint, Brock, and Bones headed over to the pond to see if there were any ducks. Well, there were no ducks but they had a good hike around and when they got back, Dane and I were ready to go! Here is a picture of them heading over to the pond. Isn't that scenery amazing!

Here's Clint, Brock, and Bones with the first snipe of the day!

Here is Dane hitching a ride!
Here are the boys with Clint's two mallards! Clint was really on today with his shooting!
Bones making a good retrieve

Here I am with my double!

Here's Brock with a heavy load!

All the boys

Dane after a long day hunting! (How do babies sleep like that???)

This upcoming week is crazy busy! Wenesday and Thursday I am in Helena for a workshop, so the boys will be getting into trouble without me... Then Friday our good friend Karl will be here from Washington to go chase some pheasants. We are really looking forward to seeing him and hopefully we will be able to find some birds! We hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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Shannon Houston said...

Wow, that is some beautiful scenery! You are very lucky to live in such beautiful country. Sounds and looks like you all had a great time.