Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pheasant season opened today!

When we woke up it was cold and overcast and the snow was sifting down. We got dressed, packed up our gear, and off we went. The whole way we tried to think of what we may have forgotten (opening day we ALWAYS forget something!). We couldn't think of anything so we figured we were good to go. The first place that we planned to hunt was a piece of state land. The first thing we realized when we arrived was that there were a bunch of other people hunting it. Then I suddenly realized what I had forgotten... Our pack for Dane. Well, I was able to zip him into my jacket. It was cold so that was the plan anyway, but we meant to have a pack to put him in which makes it way easier because we don't have to hold up his weight. When we visited the Ped. yesterday he weighed 21 lbs. Needless to say he felt even heavier than that after a little while!!! Despite the other people, we decided to hunt anyway, and Clint was able to get one bird, but then we thought we'd move on. So, we went to one of our favorite block management properties and had it all to ourselves. I told Clint I would hold on to Dane until he got one more bird and then we'd switch. Bones was working really well, and Clint was able to pick up one more pheasant. He is such a great shot... While he had the gun, we flushed 2 birds and he got both of them!
Then we switched and actually didn't find any more birds. So, we are headed back out tomorrow and hopefully we will get on some more pheasants!
Here are a couple pictures of Clint, Bones, and a beautiful pheasant!

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