Monday, November 17, 2008

A wonderful weekend at the front!

We headed up to the front EARLY Saturday morning to spend the weekend hunting and the night up at the cabin. Right now is such a phenomenal time of year. The snow geese and swans are migrating, the weather has been very mild for Montana, and the deer are all starting to rut so they are out and about! The first place we stopped we lucked out and spotted a mule deer buck and doe. Well, the wind was HOWLING (about 4o mph). Clint offered me first shot at the buck but I didn't feel entirely comfortable shooting in that kind of wind. I tend to err on the side of caution, so Clint crawled out in the stubble to see what he could do. Dane and I waited in the truck watching through the binoculars! After a long crawl, the deer got up and Clint took a great shot at the buck. I saw the deer go down and I was so excited for Clint, so I grabbed Dane, put him in the pack and we hiked out to take a look! What a nice mulie buck!

It's too bad that the grass is blowing in front of the camera... This would have been a good picture!
We took quite a hike on Sunday and found some really incredible public land that was full of deer. Unfortunately, none of the deer were bucks, but it was pretty cool. We ended up on Willow Creek Reservoir, it was beautiful!
The snow geese were EVERYWHERE! They fly in huge flocks... Clint took this picture with the moon and the geese... Pretty cool!
A gorgeous sunrise.

We hunted the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday looking for a buck for me but didn't have much luck. I made a stalk on a mulie and had a close call with a whitetail but didn't quite get it all to work out. Oh well, it was an incredible weekend and we didn't really want to come back to town!
On Sunday after we had packed up, Clint wanted to jump shoot a short creek with Bones. As you can see he came away with one beautiful greenhead!

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Shannon Houston said...

Sounds like some nice hunting grounds! Beautiful pictures, congrats Clint.