Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend of hunting

We really enjoyed the weekend. We got to hunt a fair amount, but didn't harvest anything. We found some new areas to bird hunt, so we are very eager to fill our other deer tags and get back out with Bones.
Saturday we covered a lot of ground in the truck... I was on call all week so we had to make sure I had cell coverage. This did limit us a little, but it was a great opportunity to look at a bunch of state land and we saw a ton of birds!
Sunday morning we sat on the property, but the two (small) bucks had already moved through. At first light we could see them on the neighbor's property feeding back into the trees. Then we headed out to one of our favorite Buttes to hunt. (Where Clint and Brock shot the deer last week) There are always deer out there and though the big ones are rare, I get cell coverage and it was a great day for a hike. So, we decided to see what we could find. As always we did find deer, however the biggest buck we saw was a forky...
The views were spectacular! As I said before it was a beautiful day with no wind. (are we still in Montana???) We had a great hike, and I think Dane even enjoyed the views!

You can't really see him, but Dane's on Clint's back in this picture.
Then, it was such a mild day, we decided to go sit on the River Property in my blind. Even though I knew we would have to wait over 1 1/2 hours, I had fantasies of Dane playing on a blanket while we waited for the deer to come... In my mind it would be perfect and we would all be so content!!! and then we actually got in the blind. Yes, Dane wanted to play on the blanket and then he figured out that the grass and dirt was SO MUCH more exciting... So he kept scooting to the edge and eating the grass. When we stopped him from doing that he would get cranky. Then we were playing with him and he was laughing... so fun but not very conducive to hunting! Oh well, it was a great evening and we had fun! Needless to say, we didn't see any deer and I don't think we will be hunting out of the blind again anytime soon!

Here is Dane on the blanket in the blind. This picture isn't that great, but it shows how RED his hair is... Holy cow, he is going to be a red-head!

Clint and Dane waiting for the deer to come!!!

Tomorrow we are going hunting with some friends, Mike and Shanna (Shanna is actually my boss, but we get along with them really well, great people.) They have some doe tags that they would like to fill... Hopefully, we will get lucky and find some for them!

We also would like to say Happy Veteran's Day to everyone, and thank you to all the men and women who have served, or are serving, our Country. We appreciate the sacrafices that you and your families make so that we can live so well. Thank you!

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Shannon Houston said...

Sounds like it was a great day for all, amazing pictures too! Looks like Dane does have some red hair, I can't believe how big he is, time flies when you're having fun.