Sunday, November 2, 2008

A very successful morning!

Grandma was nice enough to watch Dane for a while on Saturday morning so we could sneak out for a hunt on the river property. It was Clint's turn to shoot first (with Dane along only one of us can shoot anyway, so we've gotten in that habit of trading off!) We were looking to fill a whitetail doe tag... They are great eating and this year our goal is to get some meat in the freezer as quickly as possible since having Dane makes it a little more challenging and we don't want to count on filling these tags later! In the past it seemed like there was almost always another day that we could get out... Now we want to make sure we take the opportunties as they present themselves cause you never know!
Anyway, we were lucky enough to spot some does moving onto our property when we arrived. We were able to sneak into position and Clint made a great shot on a beautiful doe. After he shot we stayed where we were and the other two deer didn't run too far. They were really skittish, but they didn't go right for cover so I was able to get a doe as well. WOW! Never did we expect to fill 2 tags but things just worked out right for us! Once again it was a wonderful morning to be out, as you can see from the picture the sunrise was beautiful!

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Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

Beautiful! Good work guys. I have to say Jeremy & I are a little envious. We wish we had a grandma in town so we could get out together. We sure miss it!