Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brock's Deer

Well, Tanya doesn't let me post on the blog very often (for good reason),,,nor go hunting with out her. Last night I picked Brock up after school and we headed out of town for a little hunting. Last year we lucked into a very nice buck. This year was a little more of what I expected last year would be like. We spotted two mule deer does bedded down not far from the road. We parked and tried to put on a stalk. When we came over the hill they were gone. After some glassing we found several animals bedded down close to a mile away near the top of the butte. Well, Brock and I only had about 20 minutes of Shooting light left and I asked him if he had it in him to make a run for the top. One good quality of Brock is that he is stubborn and wont quit. So we make it to with in shooting range with only a few minutes to spare and I was able to shoot this nice mule deer. Since it was a little smaller than the one I shot last year with Brock, we got it off the Butte with out too much work. Any way it was quite a good hunt for Brock and I.

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Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

Yeah Clint! Nice post! Good job guys.